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Applications of Augmented Reality

We always find technology penetrates all areas of our lives in an attempt to make life better. Given the augmented reality, it is showing the possibility to solve some of the biggest problems and pain points in our daily life. We can bring up the information we need, watch TV, play games, get easy directions to anywhere we want to go. 

Applications of Augmented Reality

1- Logistics

AR presents a variety of opportunities to increase efficiency and cost savings across many areas of business logistics. This includes transportation, warehousing, and route optimization. Shipping company DHL has already implemented smart AR glasses in some of its warehouses, where lenses display to workers the shortest route within a warehouse to locate and pick a certain item that needs to be shipping.

2- Medical training 

Augmented Reality applications range in medical training from MRI equipment use to performing highly delicate surgery. But its not limited to just training. AR also has applications during operations without the need for more traditional invasive cameras and probes. This has the potential to make invasive surgeries more precise and safe.

Also, students are taught the ins and outs of anatomy using AR headsets. This technology lets them delve into the human body without the need for dissecting cadavers or watching live operations.

3- Retail

In today’s physical retail environment, shoppers are using their smartphones more than ever to compare prices or look up additional information on products they’re browsing. by developing an AR app that shoppers can use in-store. Users can view the product, they might be interested in buying in the showroom, and customize it using the app to see which colours and features they might like.

4- Repair and Maintenance

One of the biggest industrial use cases of AR is for repair and maintenance of complex equipment. Whether it’s a car motor or an MRI machine, repair and maintenance staff are beginning to use AR headsets and glasses while they perform their jobs to provide them with useful information on the spot, suggest potential fixes, and point out potential trouble areas.

5- F35 plane

It is a fighter plane that is one of the most expensive ever. a single pilot’s helmet alone costs $400,000. These helmets are specially designed to overlay AR features like real-time footage from the fighter’s array of external cameras directly into the pilot’s field of view.

This system allows the pilot to see a 360-degree view around their plane, thereby eliminating any blind spots. Pilots can also zoom on any areas of interest and are also pinged by the plane if a potential threat is detected. It provides pilots with digital night vision, a virtual HUD, weapon system information, targeting system functions and has the capacity for adding new features in the future.

6- Measuring things

Augmented reality can be used to make measuring all kinds of things much simpler. You just point your phone at something, move it around a bit and you get a measurement.

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