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Advertising manager job description

Advertising is a kind of marketing communication used to market or sell something such as goods, services, ideas or even information. there are many advertising job titles and descriptions but in this article, we will only talk about the advertising manager.

Advertising manager runs directly a company’s advertising activities and staff members to develop creative, consistent brand-specific ad campaigns also he or she is a senior level employee in the advertising department These busy people supervise everything from the smallest classified ad to the biggest, full-page color spread, the content of the advertise and all the other things.

So if you aim to be an advertising manager here is the requirements

-Bachelor’s degree in advertising, marketing, or related field, but don’t worry if you don’t have a degree you can teach your self online or y taking courses.

-2+ years of experience in relevant field, management or marketing experience may be preferred.
-Understanding of design and marketing principles and techniques
-Ability to develop strategies based on industry trends and developments.
-Exceptional organizational and multitasking skills, especially when working with multiple projects/teams.
-Excellent management, negotiation, listening, and verbal and written communication skills.

Now get ready to know the duties of the advertising manager

-Hire and train creative talent for the advertising department.
-Placed advertisements in appropriate media, including television and online.
-Measure the results of advertising campaigns to determine their effectiveness and cost-benefit ratio.
-Reach out to departmental managers to gain key insights into advertising possibilities.
-Identify decision-makers at specific mediums and build relationships with them.
-Review and approve all advertising media for print or web.
-Continue your education in digital advertising and identify new strategies and tactics to maximize brand visibility.
-Collect all artwork on time and approve for publication.

in summary, advertising manager concentrates on developing successful advertising campaigns and make great ideas into reality and decide how to design ads, where to place them once designed, and how to judge if they are successful.


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