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Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearable Technology

The term wearable technology may be wired on your ears but we use the wearable technology every day to make our life easier such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, sports watches and, wearable are the biggest new innovation in technology and in this article we will go deep into the advantages of wearable technology and disadvantages of it. 

What is Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology is simply electronic devices that made to be easily worn on the body these devices have motion sensors and after the invention of smartphones, wearable electronic devices are the biggest and best devices in the world of technology.

Advantages of Wearable Technology

Encouraging Self-Responsibility

One of the most beautiful things n wearable technology that it makes you take more care of your self and of your own health such as HRV, SPO2, resting heart rate is now delivered conveniently onto your iPhone.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Wearable technology no helps in controlling IOT devices such as TV, radio, speakers, lights and even heating in a home can now be controlled with the help of wearable technology which connects all these devices together through the internet, isn’t that great to make our life easier.

Increases workplace safety

Wearable technology increase safety in the workplace such as fatigue and stress monitoring. Fitness trackers can monitor stress levels by tracking your heart rate and also regulate your sleep pattern, that will make you able to track your health.

Enhance Efficiency at Work

One of the best Advantages of wearable technology that it can increase the efficiency at work because the hands-free nature of it can make employees more efficient as they can have information readily available on their devices without needing to refer to their computer.

Saving Lives 

Wearable technology really saves lives such as the Pain Relief Patch that much like you would use a bandage to cover an open wound, tech is being developed to relieve pain associated with several injuries by covering them with a smart device or Elderly Accidents that multiple devices are being developed for our elderly population.

Disadvantages of Wearable Technology

Not Widely Accepted

This modern technology of wearable devices is not widely accepted but we think that will change with time. wearable tech is not widely understood or accepted by the masses, and it won’t be until it becomes more widespread. So for now, if you want to use Google Glass in place of a smartphone don’t be surprised when you get some weird looks.

Less Versatile

Unlike mobile phones or any other type of technological devices wearable devices are limited, for example, you’re not going to want to write an email on a watch, and while your bracelet may light up to let you know when you’ve received a message it’s not going to allow you to see it or respond to it. 


Most of the wearable devices are small such as Apple watches you’re generally not going to want to wear a piece of jewelry which is as big as an iPad or even a smartphone, so this one of the disadvantages of wearable devices.

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