Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Advertising

Online Advertising

in fact, There are different aspects of the advantages and disadvantages of online advertising that are always the factor that will be considered by businesses when they want to create advertising for their company.

Although, there are people that take advantage over the usefulness of online advertising to do negative things, such as frauds and scams. online advertising is indeed gaining increasing attention for its spread in today’s business world.

Advantages of Online Advertising

1- Measurability
The Internet allows all info on the website to be delivered 24hours a day, seven days a week and at the comfort and ease of the viewers. In addition, it has the skill to allow advertisers to keep track of the numbers of visitors to their websites and to have nearly constant interactions with the customers via the contact section.

Moreover, Online advertisers can collect information on their advertising effectiveness, such as the size of the possible audience or actual audience response. This helps online advertisers improve their advertising campaigns all the time.

2- Trust
In the past few years, some studies on brand trust had been carried out. as we know, the consumers are playing the main role for any business. the market could function well if consumers trust any brand and the firm. Increasing user exchanges should attract more Web site traffic.

3- Cost-Effective
First, although the cost of producing and put an advertisement on the internet may be higher than any other forms of advertising media, the cost will be struggling over a longer period of time. in fact, the low prices of electronic communication decrease the cost of displaying online advertisements compared to offline advertising Therefore, online advertising offers to improve returns than in other media.

4- Track Your Results
Digital advertising allows you to monitor and track the results of all your campaigns. You can find out when a lead converted into a sale, note the platform where it happened, and determine what kinds of ads are working best for your particular demographic. The internet with all its minute tracking abilities allows you to measure the return on investment of your marketing dollars.

Disadvantages of online advertising

1- Targeting
First, the group of people that see an advertisement only about 1 out of 400 viewers clicks on given advertising and only a fraction of those viewers buy the product. Reaching 10,000 people of whom 10 will ultimately buy a product is better than reaching 2,000 people of whom 4 will ultimately buy the product.

2- technical Problems
When technical issues occur, companies lose the opportunity to broadcast advertisements for their products and services and may lose potential sales. Viewing problems can occur because of problems with a website or if a consumer is using a smart phone or another mobile device to view a website, has a slow connection speed or does not have the correct applications and programs installed on his computers for proper viewing.

Of course, website downtime lags in a website or video loading and browser complications can reduce the number of times consumers see online advertisements and how well they see them.

3- Many Options
The Internet offers a wide range of websites on which companies can place advertisements. This can be overwhelming, especially for small business owners. With so many options, it’s difficult to narrow down the choices to the websites that will attract the most potential customers and sales.

4- Expensive Ad Prices
Pricing for advertising online can range from inexpensive to thousands of dollars on popular sites. The cost for banner, text and video ads vary depending on the amount of traffic and the type of readership a website or blog receives. Online advertising through pay-per-click campaigns and social media sites can also wreak havoc on a company’s marketing budget, potentially yielding little to no return on investment.

5- Click fraud
First, click fraud refers to a person or organization with fraud intent to obtain illegitimate interests or consume rival ‘ s advertising budget using automation scripts, computer programs or employing natural persons to imitate legitimate web users to click on the online advertising.

Click fraud negatively impacts e-commerce by blocking advertisers’ trust, reliance, and profitability on the use and effectiveness of Internet marketing. When a CPC link is purposely accessed to generate revenue for third-party Web sites or to diminish the advertising budget of a competitor when click fraud occur.


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