Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Wallet


In fact, small transaction sums show the strength of the e-wallet, this is why paying with credit card is often not economical when making a small payment. The e-wallet can make online shopping easier and faster than ever before.


it is an electronic version of a payment card that is authorized to conduct transactions on your behalf. These wallets are usually on a mobile device, such as a smartphone. It’s a file that you store on your hard drive containing all the personal information relevant to an online purchase, including your credit card number, billing address and expiration date.

Electronic wallets must be linked to specific debit or credit cards to operate properly. There may be a requirement to link the e-wallet to a bank account as well. Then, through the use of information and software, consumers can use their electronic wallets to pay for items instead of carrying a physical wallet to pay with a card.

E-wallets are incredibly secure and offer a minimized risk of fraudulent activity compared to credit cards. As the wallet is already loaded with money, it is no longer necessary to give out the bank or card information when purchasing products.

Advantages of E-Wallet

1- Convenient

 It offers more convenience for many consumers. Users are able to get through a purchase in mere seconds, all you need to do is tap your device to the payment receptacle, or have your mobile device scanned, to pay for the items you are purchasing. so, the experience of purchasing items becomes quicker and easier – leading to a greater sense of satisfaction. Furthermore, with faster transactions, checkout lines within stores become much shorter.

2- Security

E-wallets ensure high-security features for the users by considering that you authorize every transaction with a PIN or password or fingerprint scanner. Furthermore while paying with an e-wallet, you not need to disclose your debit/credit card details to anyone, online or offline.

the information is stored through a third-party provider. It’s locked behind your password or biometrics. Even if you lose your device, you’ll still have access to your e-wallet once you get a new device.

3- more option

Digital wallet applications provide a more convenient transaction processing method for customers, giving businesses that employ this technology a competitive edge in the market. It redefines the user experience of paying and incorporates a novelty aspect to each purchase.

Freecharge allows you to use Digital cash in a number of places such as train tickets, bus tickets, gas, water, electricity, etc. PayPal also has partners such an s eBay, best buy, southwest and many more. Thus, E-wallets offers a variety of options and saves your time.

4- Low Costs

Employing the use of digital wallets removes the need for intermediaries, in a variety of forms. Purchases in-store may no longer require a cashier because the purchasing process becomes as simple as a tap or scan of a mobile device.

Disadvantages of E-Wallet

1- Limited retailers

The number of retailers that accept payments from an electronic wallet depends on the actual wallet you choose. no doubt that a plethora of people use cashless payment modes across the country but a number of retailers still not added a digital wallet to their phones. And even there are many online stores that do not provide payment through e-wallets and because of which the customer is required to use debit/credit card details.

2- Charges

There are some apps that might charge you for doing a transaction. generally, provide all the offers that are cash backs that can only be transferred to the bank after paying a fee.

3- Support Technology

NFC terminals and specialize scanners are the only devices created at the moment that will support the processing of digital wallet payments; thus, it is very limited because the technology is still new.

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