Most Common Accept Payment Solutions in Egypt

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Technology brought the financial field in Egypt tremendous developments, especially with the spread of e-commerce sites dramatically in recent times, and to facilitate purchases through the Internet, many online payment gateways appeared, so you can identify The Most Common Accept Payment Solutions in Egypt.

According to market share 5% of users using a credit card, 55% of users using prepaid cards, 35% of users using Mobiles, 2% of users using bank transfer, 3% of users using E-wallets.

Best Egyptian Payment Methods 

Credit cards

A credit card is a skinny rectangular slab of plastic issued with the aid of an economic business enterprise, that we could cardholders borrow finances with which to pay for goods and offerings. Credit cards impose the condition that cardholders pay returned the borrowed money, plus interest, in addition to any extra agreed-upon fees.

It has many forms and types such as:

  • Visa — It has process payments between banks and merchants for purchases made with the cards.
  • MasterCard — It is an electronic payment card that uses the MasterCard network for processing transaction communications.
  • Maestro — It is a debit card from Mastercard. It can only be used when transacted a 3-D Secure transaction.
  • American Express — It issues and processes prepaid, charge and credit cards.


OneCard is a prepaid cash card for customers in the Middle East. OneCard prepaid cards are available for purchase in more than 30,000 markets in 13 countries, including Egypt, Saudia Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. Paymentwall integration allows you to start securely accepting OneCard payments today.

OneCard is the unique online Arabic shopping website, where you can buy a lot of online services and products that you need.

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Mobiamo is the leading global provider of mobile payments and mobile carrier billing. Mobiamo covers 110 markets and connects merchants to subscribers of more than 240 mobile operators worldwide. 

  • Mobile Phone Users Mobiamo is an easy and convenient way to make payments via a mobile phone for various digital content and online services. Additionally, it is a great alternative for users who do not have access to credit cards or bank accounts.
  • Mobile Carriers Mobiamo partners with carriers worldwide to further increase its coverage.
  • Merchants Mobiamo services online businesses from various industries, including video games, e-Learning, SaaS and social networks.



It is an online prepaid account used to store money and transact online and offline through a computer or a smartphone whenever required. It is a pre-equipped electronic wallet which, just like a real wallet, is used by the customers to transact immediately. 

It is important to note that the number of mobile payment subscribers in Egypt has reached 10.5 million mobile accounts with a 30 per cent annual growth rate.

  • QNB Alahli Wallet allows you to transfer money and pay your bills directly from your mobile in a convenient, fast and secure way.
  • CIB Smart Wallet  Maximum Wallet Balance Limit: 10,000 EGP, Maximum Daily Transaction Limit: 6,000 EGP, Maximum Monthly Transaction Limit: 50,000 EGP.
  • Cashati The wallet maximum balance is 10,000 EGP.


It is an Egyptian online payment company was founded in 2016. It aims to build a more financially inclusive society through advanced technology accessible to anyone. It acts as an intermediary between merchant and customer and offers many services. Vapulus gives an application that allows you to make many payment transactions with both end user and merchant also.


Finally, You should know that there are many examples of accept payment solutions in Egypt we discussed before in another article if you interested please visit the article

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