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A/B Testing Tools to Improve Conversions

In the field of digital marketing, the most important steps to work out a digital marketing plan for your company are A/B testing  which is an experiment where two or more variants of a page are shown to users at random, and statistical analysis is used to determine which variation performs better for a given conversion goal. Let us here explain some A/B testing tools that help to improve conversions.

A/B Testing Tools


It is a software company produces landing pages for websites and is the host of the annual Call to Action Conference. Using the drag-and-drop tool you can drag in images, text, video and even maps into your pages and organize them. Once setup you can create multiple variants of the page, which can be split tested for as long as you require. Price: $49/month – $199/month. its services are:

  • Landing Page.
  • Popups.
  • Sticky Bars.



an A/B testing and conversion optimization platform, and Pushcrew, a push notification service for web and mobile. It works across mobile, tablet and desktop websites, and is a simple one-time installation, simply inserts a small JavaScript code snippet on your website. Price: $9/month – $499/month. It’s services:

  • Conversion Optimization Platform.
  • Testing.


Five Second Test

a method of user research that helps you measure what information users take away and what impression they get within the first five seconds of viewing a design. It used to test whether web pages are effectively communicating their intended message. Price: Free – $99/month.

Five-second tests are suitable for determining if users’ first impressions of your page are on point.  This includes answering questions like:

  • What is the purpose of the page?
  • What are the main elements you can recall?
  • Who do you think the intended audience is?
  • Did the design/brand appear trustworthy?
  • What was your impression of the design?

Google Analytics Experiments

Analytics helps to understand how people use sites and apps, so the user can take action to improve their experience. Get fast answers to questions about analytics data, uncover insights about how business is performing, and tap into sophisticated modelling capabilities. Understand how customers are interacting with site and apps, and easily share insights across the organization with a variety of reporting tools.

Convert Experiment

Convert Experiment offers multi-domain A/B and multivariate testing and tracking, development tools for jQuery, JavaScript and CSS, with comprehensive reports. Edit your content without the need for infrastructure, with a visual WYSIWYG editor and easy style sheet editing for dynamic content experiments. Create and edit tests on the fly, test e-commerce products and category pages, with just one snippet of JavaScript code for instant integration. 


Transform business with Oracle Maxymiser’s advanced website testing and personalization solutions. Remove the guesswork and make data-driven decisions on websites and mobile apps to create a seamless and connected customer experience. From simple A/B to complex multivariate tests, Oracle Maxymiser’s intuitive self-serve interface, advanced personalization tools, and robust insights make it easy. Price: Available on request.



A/Bingo can test display or behavioural differences using just one line of code. It can measure any event, test for statistical significance and is extremely fast, meaning it has minimal impact on page load times or server load. It allows for multivariate testing, with the ability to build your own dashboard or use the default one provided to view the results of your tests. It’s simple to set up, simply install the plugin, create the required tables, assign the user a unique identifying string and configure the cache.


It is a powerful analytics platform to help increase customer acquisition and retention rates. The KISSmetrics JavaScript library provides a function to help you set up A/B test, which has three major features. it randomly assigns the current visitor to one of the variations, ensures the subsequent calls return the same variation to the visitor and sets a property with the name of the experiment. Price: $179/month – $599/month.


AB Tasty

It is an A/B testing tool to optimize your conversion rate, allowing you to modify pages using a visual editor, without writing any code and without any technical knowledge. You can measure which versions of your pages produce the best results for your objectives, such as page-views, registrations, purchases, and more. Price: €29/month – €299/month.

AB Tasty

Adobe Target

It is a collection of integrated online marketing and Web analytics products by Adobe Systems. Target provides guided testing and targeting workflow and framework, with no coding or setup hassles, so it’s easy to see your visitor’s responses to content variations in real time and instantly adapt your site to meet their needs. Adobe Target features one-click optimized content delivery, multipage and cross-channel testing and interfaces customization, with a variety of filtering option, customizable graphs and reporting options. Price: Available on request.

adobe target

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