How Does the Payment Processing Industry Work

payment processing

E-commerce sites and many websites have become highly involved with online payment methods so it is important to know how the payment processing industry works. It is usually a third-party service that is actually a system of computer processes that process, verify, and accept or decline credit card transactions on behalf of the merchant through […]

Benefits Of Payment Processing Integration

Nowadays we all use the Payment Processing Integration to transfer money and this process is very dynamic whether you are a merchant or a user you will make the process. Payment processing integration allows for payment transaction data derived from credit card and debit card or other electronic payments like those made on the Internet or on mobile […]

Online Payment Processing

Online payment

Nowadays, most companies and organizations use online payment in their transaction. of course, this process saves more time and effort whether for the company itself or the customers. so, what is online payment? What is online payment processing? Basically, It refers to money that is exchanged electronically. it is the transfection process of monetary funds […]

What are the Challenges of Online Payments?

What are the Challenges of Online Payments?

Expectations of both clients, and businesses holders are increasing in today’s era of digital technology, as both expect fast, and safe digital trials, with regard to the customer he expects shopping online, facilitating online payments, and surfing, in the case of businesses holders they expect marketing, showcasing, and transforming payments digitally, in this article it […]

What Is The Best Payment Method For Small Business?

Payment Method

Definition Of Payment Method: Before the rise of money, it was a barter that allowed goods to be exchanged for each other. Over time the coins and bills appeared. These had their antecedent in products such as salt and later in precious metals such as gold and silver. But everything is evolution and money gave […]

What Are Online Payment Systems

Online Payment Systems

Definition of online payment The payment methods offered by an online shop are referred to as payment methods. These have a significant influence on the customer’s purchase decision. As a rule, the customer chooses his preferred payment method. The more payment methods an online shop offers, the higher the probability that every customer can use […]

Which is Best Payment Gateway?

Payment Gateway

The best payment gateways make processing online payments simple and easy to manage. Payment Gateways: A secure and reliable payment gateway is, without a doubt, the best option that an eCommerce has to improve the confidence of users when making transactions on the Internet. Businesses must take into account a number of important considerations when […]

Payment Industry Terminology

payment gateway

Account Number A unique sequence of numbers assigned to a cardholder account that identifies the bank or credit union issuing the card and the type of financial transaction card. Accounts Receivable Conversion (ARC) This is a process, offered by a transaction processor such as First Data, that electronically scans paper checks submitted in payment for […]

Electronic Payment Processor Advantages

electronic payment processor

Global e-commerce has faced many challenges, but traders are always looking to meet customer demands in more streamlined and cost-effective ways. The electronic payment processor has contributed to the growth of e-commerce through processing online payments and delivery of goods and through standard shipping methods to reduce risk and overhead and increase customer satisfaction. In […]

Electronic Payment Gateway Integration Types

payment gateway integration

The electronic payment gateways integration offers an important competitive opportunity for companies and merchants who use it to facilitate payments and ensure the rights of merchants and customers. The Concept of Electronic Payment Gateways It Is a sophisticated program that allows the flow of electronic financial payments to facilitate e-commerce services through various websites, electronic […]