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8 Types of Entrepreneurs

A young Entrepreneur says:”one of the most wonderful things of being me a business man is being free”
so we all look for freedom also we all want to get rid of our bosses but before thinking of starting up your own business you should know types of  entrepreneur and see what kind of entrepreneur you are going to be.

1-World changer
You create a company and thinks that you are going to change the world by it or maybe you are going to rock the whole world like Microsoft or soothing, you have a lot of experience from previous jobs and you want to make a difference also you have a strong message.

3-The research
If you are that kind of entrepreneur so you love to learn new things and put strategies to start up your business. It is okay to learn and put strategies but you must turn what you learnt into real things, also there is no need to feel afraid.

4-The determined 
No matter what the determined entrepreneur will do it. You will find your self challenging all the difficult obstacles  and you will do everything you can to start or grow your business. 

5-Multi-tasking entrepreneur
You can do many things in your company not only managing it but also you can do many other things like for example you might start up a website for graphic design so you will your self knowing how to design, edit,photograph, and know how to work on Photoshop. This called multi-tasking.

6-information seller entrepreneur
If you sell information like e-books or courses or having a blog you are an
Infopreneur”  so to succeed, you need to identify a clear niche and offer something truly unique and growth can be challenging unless you build a reliable team.

7-Serial Entrepreneur
You always look forward and see what will you do in the future you are like Thomas Edison  you can take a lot of stress and turn it into work also you are strong know how to handle problems of your business, you will come with an idea  but then give responsibility to someone else and move on to a new idea and a new venture. 

8-Spontaneous Entrepreneurs
this kind of entrepreneurs start his own business spontaneously because h and he is so brave and fear nothing also he got a natural talent and confidence
 in his ability which motivate him to undertake entrepreneurial activity. 

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