How COVID-19 has dramatically change the eCommerce business globally

In March 2020, the pandemic arrives and the world seems to have a full stop at its functioning. Everyone witnessed the loss, not just the loss of lives but the loss of their wealth, their mental peace, their loved ones, and whatnot.


Everyone was under depression as they were unaware of the disease. Unaware of the future which had to come. It changed the meaning of lives completely. Now people who were busy with their work had to sit idle at home. 



The government was taking major precautions to stop the spread of the deadly disease. As a precaution, the government takes a very big decision they apply the lockdown so that people can’t move from one place to another.


But this lockdown hampers many things. The education system, health system, GDP, and the huge loss come under the name of small enterprises. As they don’t have the common labor to work, not they have sound knowledge of E-commerce.


Many employees were laid off from their jobs, many employers had to shut down their businesses. It had completely affected peace and security across the globe.


At that time the main focus was on how to save lives but also have to maintain the pillars of the economy.



When traditional shopping becomes impossible or maybe horrifying, people are increasingly prone to shop online. The fact that people were already embracing Grofers and other online applications with open arms made this change considerably easier. 


Let’s take a quick look at how COVID-19 drastically changed the e-commerce business globally.


Even the quarantine ends, people still think they’re not safe, and that’s the reason they still prefer shopping online without going outside to their homes. This is the reason customers who’re loyal to offline shopping are appealing towards online shopping.


Measurements for physical retailers


E-Commerce has entitled the firms to continue operating despite all the ordinance and other confinement measures. 

Despite it, in some rural areas, some producers suffers a huge loss in their revenue as they were not having good connectivity or a good CRM system through which they can handle all the sales activities. 

But in most countries, the pandemic has enhanced energy in the e-commerce industry and has increased the scope of e-commerce, including through new firms, consumer segments, and products.



Shifted Strategies


Customers now acknowledge the comfort of online shopping. While the curtailment imposed by COVID-19 may have made online shopping even more attractive, which turns to be a long-term trend.

Now, most of the companies are doing the digital business and investing more in eCommerce software or concentrating more on online marketing channels.



Financial consequences


Most of the E-Commerce companies say the year was successful. And some assert their e-commerce business was doing well, but their physical stores didn’t.



Online profit margin


After the sudden shift from brick and mortar stores to online shopping, many e-commerce stores owners’ claimed their online profit grew during the global lockdown, while for a similar percentage the situation stated about the same. Only some percentage claimed that it decreased.



Customers are trying their best to adjust in these times with changing lot in their behavior as a result. As a business owner, facing many of the same problems while trying to support your customers’ needs and your own. 

Due to this new trend in the market, people are willing to buy CRM software and there are many factors that will help them to have an optimistic mind on Ecommerce Growth.

Fear of covid19 is still present.

The rapid growth of using phones makes it easier to shop online.

Fast delivery is helping a lot.

Variety under online stores.



Factors to keep in mind while doing e-commerce business


Understanding your customers 

You can trace the nature of your customer’s shopping habits which will help you to understand which products need to launch at which time.



Informed about latest developments 

Customers should know about the latest developments prior so that they can make their mind that the product is worth it or not.

Track the data 

You should have good software to track the data properly so that you can always be up to date about everything.

Offered various choices

If the customer has different choices with the same producer, he will believe in the brand which will turn the sales to be good.

These all are the factors that have changed after the covid-19 and if taken with great understanding, this e-commerce can turn to be a bloom for the industry.

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