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5 Dimensions Of Brand Personality

Brands use the set of human characteristics to attract customers to be loyal to their brand they all use the brand personality to make customers feel relief and comfort but every brand uses a different set which suits its consumers.

Definition of Brand Personality

Brand personality is the set of human characteristics with a brand name that consumers can relate to it. such as uniqueness, sincerity, intellectualism, competence, excitement, ruggedness and sophistication. This personality is a value added to a brand gains in addition to its functional benefits.

5 Dimensions Of Brand Personality


Some brands use sincerity as a dimension of brand personality to make the customers feel free and comfortable. Brands that are presented as sincere may appeal to customers who want to purchase products that feel familiar and comfortable. 


Consumers love brands that make them feel excited especially the young and teenagers. “excitement” such as daring, spirited, imaginative and cutting edge. The excitement brand personality loved by individuals who want to add a sense of adventure to their lives or who already live exciting lifestyles.


Brands that depends on  “competency” create images of reliability, intelligence, success, responsibility, dependability, and efficiency. Brands with the automotive industries such as cars often compete in a fight that pits competency vs excitement. So, the car that will safely deliver you home through a violent storm will differentiate itself from that swift one.


Those who to use the sophistication in marketing hope to appeal to consumers who want to feel charming, glamorous, elegant and romantic. such as Rolex or Harrods, may also present themselves as being decidedly high class.

Built to Last

There are a lot of consumers who consider themselves as outdoorsy, tough and strong want goods or services that will endure. These buyers embrace brands they perceive as “rugged.” 

Examples of brand personality

Jeep cars is a strong brand of pioneer and adventure, Channel is a personal brand that supports high class, Dove is for comfortable, and Wizard brands such as Apple and Pixar specialize in taking the ordinary and transforming it into the extraordinary.

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