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3D Printing Uses in Medicine

Every day we live technology develops more and more to help us make our life easier. In the field of medicine, 3d printing is getting more new things day after day to heal more disses and discover a new medicine, also 3D printing is used to manufacture a variety of medical devices, including those with complex geometry.

3D Printing Uses in Medicine


In the last period, scientists managed to 3d print kidney cells. While printing out an entire human organ for transplant may still be at least a decade away, medical researchers and scientists are well on their way to making this a reality.

   Stem Cells

The Heriot-Watt University of Edinburgh started to print Stem Cells which is a great introduction to print the whole body cells, and this enables them to reproduce many different kinds of human tissue.

   Bone and Cartilage

The same team that worked on printing Stem Cells is working on 3d printing bones so this could help a bones surgeries.

   Surgical Tools

Bioengineering students from the University of British Columbia, six months ago, won a prestigious award for their 3D printing of a new and extremely effective type of surgical smoke evacuator, which is a new surgical tool.

    Medical model

A group of researchers in China and the US have printed models of cancerous tumors to aid discovery of new anti-cancer drugs and to better understand how tumors develop, grow, and spread.

   Distributed Production

3D printing is allowing customized production of medicines and devices, the production is likely to become localized. The warehouses that are full of packaged medicines and prosthetics will in the future likely be replaced by digital files of designs that hospitals and pharmacies will be able to download and print on demand using stored raw materials.

   Heart and Blood Vessels

By a 3d inkjet printer a German institute has created blood vessels using artificial biological cells, and researchers at the University of Rostock in Germany, Harvard Medical Institute and the University of Sydney are developing methods of heart repair.


One of the most important usages of 3d printing in medicine is in printing organs. Some scientists and industry experts suggest that within a decade we will be able to print solid organs such as liver, heart, and kidney. millions of people worldwide are waiting for an organ donor so what con this new technology do and save their lives.

  Skull replacement 

A 22-year-old girl was replaced the entire top portion by woman’s skull with a customized printed implant made from plastic This story has been replayed in China, where a man with a crushed skull was given a tailor-made, 3D printed, titanium replacement, and in Slovakia, in which a different man with brain damage received a similar, 3D printed treatment.

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