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What is 3D Printer and How it Works

Have you ever wonder what is a 3D printer? It is the new technology and it has evolved over the last decade also 3D printing offers a fast means of product creation, and it helps in a lot of fields such as medicine. 3D printing enables people like you and me to easily manufacture complex objects from the comfort of our own homes, and in this article, we will discuss the meaning of it in detail and how it works.

What is a 3D Printer

The start of the 3D printer was on the hand of Chuck Hull in 1948, he invented it, and there are a lot of meanings to the 3D printer such as additive manufacturing, and rapid prototyping, but simply 3D printing is a process by which 3D solid objects of any shape or geometry can be created from a digital file and a 3D printer is  a machine that can take a digital 3D model and turn it into a tangible 3D object via additive manufacturing. 

How 3D printer works

A typical 3D printer is similar to an inkjet printer operated from a computer by individuals. It makes a 3D model from one layer at a time, from the bottom upward, by repeatedly printing over the same area in a method known as fused depositional modeling, FDM, to create 3D dimensions shapes in different fields, and in the next point we will provide you with examples for 3D printing to help you understand better.

Examples of 3D Printing 


Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis from the University of Southern California developed a technology called CC Contour crafting for houses, and this process means “a single house or a colony of houses, each with possibly a different design, may be automatically constructed in a single run, embedded in each house all the conduits for electrical, plumbing and air-conditioning”.


3D printing is used in drawing too, by a hand-held pen called Doodler that allows you to “draw” your 3D printed object, and this pen is easy to use. You press a button to start, pause and stop the pen and draw things that you will see it as a 3D draws.


3D printing for guns started in 2013, the world’s first 3D printed gun was successfully fired in the US. Invented by Defense Distributed, But the US faced a problem of stopping the online release of such these material but it is hard to undo.


Very modern technology is the 3D  printed shoe which is exactly on your measurement, New Balance for shoes has released a running shoe with a full-length 3D printed midsole, also Adidas released a running shoe with a 3D printed midsole, and 3D printing in this field needs more improvements and they are working on it.

Robot Birds

A German company made a high-tech “Robirds”, I’m not a big fan of these birds I see it weird but anyway that is what the did they say that ‘These remote-controlled robotic birds of prey, with the realistic appearance and weight of their living counterparts, serve as modern-day scarecrows. Robirds propel themselves by flapping their wings, with a flight performance comparable to real birds”.


3D printed bicycles are limited in the market because the cost and size of the printer required and various construction challenges, in general, this is great news for cycling enthusiasts who embrace the promise of new 3D printing technology and want to incorporate it into their own rides.

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