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15 Main Types of Robotics

undoubtedly, AI and Robotics are the most promising field, They will certainly define the future of humanity. robotics really do a lot of different tasks in many fields and the number of jobs entrusted to robots is growing steadily.

Each robot has its own unique features, they vary hugely in size, shape, and capabilities. here, we show 15 main types of robotics

1- Industrial robots
In fact, the first robots were the industrial robots which were used for simple repetitive tasks. they are used in a manufacturing environment. Usually, they have articulated arms specifically developed for such applications as welding, material handling, machining, painting, and others.

2- Medical
There has been increasing use of robots in the medical field for surgery, rehabilitation and training. Medical robots are not meant to replace the surgeons but serve as a surgical assistant to the surgeon. such as the da Vinci surgical robot and bionic prostheses, as well as robotic exoskeletons.

3- Research
The vast majority of today’s robots are born in universities and corporate research labs. Though these robots may be able to do useful things, they’re primarily intended to help researchers do, well, research.

4- Space
With the advent of robotic technologies, exploration of various celestial bodies has been a reality. Tasks like space manipulation, surface mobility, and scientific experiments are performed by space robots.

5- Military
This type of robots includes bomb disposal robots, different transportation robots, reconnaissance drones. Military robots also include ground systems like Endeavor Robotics’ PackBot, used to scout for improvised explosive devices, and BigDog, designed to assist troops in carrying heavy gear.

6- Security
These robots are used for surveillance and guarding large civilian facilities such as Power generating plants, oil refineries, etc which are under threat. An example is DRDO’s NETRA (An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).

7- Entertainment
These are robots used for entertainment. These robots are designed to evoke an emotional response and make us laugh or feel surprised or in awe. Among them are robot comedian RoboThespian, Disney’s theme park robots like Navi Shaman, and musically inclined bots like Partner.

8- Education
This broad category is aimed at the next generation of roboticists, for use at home or in classrooms. It includes hands-on programmable sets from Lego, 3D printers with lesson plans, and even teacher robots like EMYS.

9- Micro Robots
they are robots that have dimensions on micrometer scale and robots that can operate on micrometer resolution. so. they are robots that can manipulate their environment on a micrometer scale and small robots that are actually measured by micrometers.

10- Nano Robots
they are small robots which have nanometer scaled dimensions and robots those can manipulate their environment with a nanometer scale resolution regardless of their actual sizes.

11- Humanoids:
they are robotics that have a mechanical appearance, and also androids like the Geminoid series, which are designed to look like people.
one of the main components of a humanoid robot is sensors, as they play a pivotal role in robotic paradigms. a typical humanoid robot consists of a head, two arms, a torso, and two legs just like a human, but many of those robots are only based on some part of the human body, like from waist up or something like that.

12- Domestic
These robotics are used to perform daily tasks at home, this type of robots includes many quite different devices such as robotic vacuum cleaners, robotic pool cleaners, sweepers, gutter cleaners and other robots that can do different chores. Also, some surveillance and telepresence robots could be regarded as household robots if used in that environment.

13- Flying Robots
flying robots are the most popular robots types, now whether it’s among youngsters or old timers. Not only that right now some big multinational companies are also planning to incorporate those automated flying machines into their day to day business. These robots aren’t just cool, they are also strong and aerodynamically sound.

14- Swimming Robots
These robots can take the form of insects, fish or big slithering snake you just name it. The favorite place for these robots is in the water. They consist of deep-sea submersibles like Aquanaut, diving humanoids like Ocean One, and bio-inspired systems like the ACM-R5H snakebot.

15- Hybrid Robot
We have robots with legs and robots with wheels, but Boston Dynamics, a robotics company, launched a research robot named Handle, which can both stand tall up to 6.5 feet and travel in short distances at a speed of 9 mph, it can also jump vertically up to 4 ft. Handle robot can actually handle anything thrown at him.

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