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13 Tips to be a Successful Entrepreneur in Dropshipping

The term “Dropshipping” became familiar in the marketing world nowadays. it is the method of distributing goods between the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer. As an Entrepreneur, you could be successful in the dropshipping field by following some tips as follow.

16 Tips to be a Successful Entrepreneur in Dropshipping

Focus on Mastering Marketing

On mastering marketing, you could use Google Ads and SEO(search engine optimization) to drive more traffic. if you have more traffic on the website, your chance of selling products is increased. SEO can help drive the long term sales by allowing you to rank high in search and creating blog content and optimizing product pages can help you build an audience in the search.

Create an Amazing Offer

You should show your products to get the customer the motivation to sell. Creating attractive offers will help you to get more traffic and sells. When creating a bundle deal, focus on selling more of the same product. The hard part is convincing your customer to pull out his or her credit card and sell your product.

Avoid Underpricing Your Products

its products allow you to maintain a lower product cost. If other brands are undercutting their prices, don’t undercut yours to maintain a profitable price point. To make more money overall, you should make a strategy to be sure that you will get a higher profit from every order.

Find Quality Suppliers Quickly

You should choose suppliers are easy to work with, reliable, and offer good products. suppliers should supply you with products quickly to get customer loyalty and satisfaction. suppliers have dedicated staff making sure that your customers receive their packages on time.

Automate More of Your Business

You should use dropshipping tools that can help you grow and scale your business quickly. there are many tools for dropshipping we will discuss them as follow:

  • WooCommerce open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress.
  • WooDropship is a freemium plugin that makes it easier to import dropshipping products from AliExpress e-commerce store.
  • Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company. it is a platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems.
  • Oberlo Parent organization of Shopify.

Ensure Your Website is Presentable

Many new store owners start marketing their stores when their home page is missing images, has placeholder text and all of their products are lumped together in one big category. So Your website should be friendly to the customer. before creating your website you should take a look in competitors websites to know your position. 

Niche Store

the niche market that defines the product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, the price range, production quality and the demographics that it is intended to target. Brands like Amazon started as a niche store and eventually expanded to become a store that sells everything.

Prepare to Pivot

You’ll be required to pivot several times as you grow your store. using new trends will help you to grow your website. it’s a requirement if you want your business to last for years to come.

Offer Exceptional Customer Service

After this, you should build strong customer service to provide the customer with a great experience with your website. Customers might not always remember what they bought from your website but they’ll always remember how you treated them. so treatment is very important.

Always Choose ePacket

You should choose suitable ePacket with some requirements:

  • The maximum length of the package can only be 24” (60cm).
  • The total length, height, and thickness of the package cannot be more than 36” (90cm).
  • The package cannot weigh more than 4.4 lbs (2kgs).
  • The package’s value cannot exceed $400.
  • You must send the package from China or Hong Kong to one of the 38 eligible countries.

 Be Active Daily

You should be active all the time on your website. every day, you’ll need to process orders so that products arrive at your customers promptly. you should make Ads and make sure that Ads are active all the time.

Monitor Your Competition

You should monitor your competitor’s position and depend on it you will handle your position in the market. By monitoring and paying attention to your competition, you’ll know which products you should be selling on your store. 

Create a Reliable Brand

Finally, you should make brand awareness and make your brand is reliable with customers to get their loyalty and to be sure that customer will buy from you again and again. A strong brand image will help increase the value of your company and make you memorable for your customers.

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