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10 Types Of Motivation

Motivation is the key to achieve your dreams and the fuel to the fire to begin something, it is very important to be motivated to go on. No motivation means no going on and there are motivation types of how to be on fire and you are free to choose the way that can motivate you in your life to reach what you really want.

10 Types Of Motivation

1-Intrinsic Motivation

You can use this kind of motivation types when you have a desire inside you to reach something simply it means a self-motivation, for example, you want to marry a girl you have love inside you that encourages you to work hard and collect money to buy the needs of marriage.

2-Extrinsic Motivation

This motivation type in which an individual is being encouraged by external desires, for example, your wife keeps telling you that you gained weight and you have to lose it so you intended to do so. That is an Extrinsic Motivation. Since this pressure comes from the outside, this is an example of extrinsic motivation.

3-Achievement Motivation

Imagine that you have many tasks to do at work and you accomplish one of them that will encourage you to do the rest this what achievement motivations mean because all of us love the feeling of success, and if you love this type it means that you value the process of getting better more than the end result itself.

4-Power Motivation

If you find happiness in becoming powerful or creating a change you will definitely be fueled by power based on motivation. This type energizes others to seek more control, typically through the use of positions in employment or organizations.

5-Affiliation Motivation

This kind of motivation is a great way to help you achieve your social goals and move up in the world. Some pep[l think that it is not what we do but who we know that dictates our success. For people driven by affiliation motivation, this is most certainly true.

6-Fear Motivation

Some people say that fear motivation is a negative motivation and this type uses consequences to drive people into action. For example, if you fear your child to motivate him to listen to your orders that will be a negative motivation he must love you not to fear you.

7-Expectancy Theory of Motivation

This theory says “people are motivated by their expectation of a specific outcome as a result of their actions or effort”. Simply it means that you are motivated fo a reward or you are waiting for something after you finish what you are doing.

8-Equity Theory of Motivation

This theory says that people are motived when they find justice and equity. For example, if you work hard and you are waiting for a reward and another team member is working hard so he got his reward and you did not get yours you will feel unfair and you will be demotivated.

9-Attitude Motivation

Attitude motivation is a type of motivation happens to those who have the desire to change the way that they see the world around them and the way that they see themselves too. Goals associated with self-awareness and self-change will be met with attitude motivation.

10-incentive motivation

This type is simple and means that you are motivated more by the reward than by the achievement of the goal itself. For example, if you are making up the home for your mother not to please her but you want her to go out with your friends so this is an incentive motivation.


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