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10 Tips for Native Advertising

   All of us see to what extent, Every business competes to acquire the attention of their customers. So, They always turn to different marketing strategies. And one of the most important is  Native Advertising! So, We’re giving you tips for effectively native advertising to improve the performance of your website and business.

Native Advertising

10 Tips for Native Advertising

1- Know your platform and audience

Really spending time and getting to know the platform, and getting to know the audience on that platform. And to make sure that that is the target group you want to engage with help to be able as a brand to step away from your own outcomes and really focus on the target audience.

2- Create an action plan

What’s your action plan? Listen and understand, know your audience, build great content, adapt it, distribute it to the right place, listen to the feedback, learn and repeat.

3- Provide Value content

If your content doesn’t bring enough value to your publisher’s viewers, you won’t draw sufficient attention. People like to consume content that is remarkable. Usually, if you strive to write above-average articles, you will present better results.

On the other hand, if you promote poor quality content, you’ll probably hurt your brand’s reputation and the relationships with your current clients. Nobody likes wasting his time, so don’t ever put your audience in that condition.

4- Keep it Simple and Clear

Native advertising is a simple form of marketing. It’s about drawing the attention of the average user by telling something interesting, offering an invitation to knowledge, or by simply offering a discount. By all means, keep your native ads simple and clear, aimed to transmit a single, core message.

5- Adopt the customer’s point of view

Thinking about content from a consumer perspective. So, instead of you as a brand or a business or a publisher coming up with the content based on what you want it to do, think about the consumer first, think about your audience and how you can provide value to them with the content that you’re creating

6- Be customer centric

In Native advertising, You should Understand the people you want to reach, be customer-centric, remember how you make customers feel. Really, you need empathy for good customer experience.

7- Use Retargeting

If a user has interacted with one of your ads on a specific platform, you can use the retargeting features to serve him a different display ad on a different distribution platform.

This works due to the cookies which work on your publisher’s website remain in the visitor’s browser and act as a reference to you, as you get insightful information concerning your visitor’s behavior. When you understand what your users want, you can retarget them and improve your conversion stats by an average of 70%.

8- Tell great stories

Telling stories means creating content behind those ads that people actually want to consume. That they actually want to watch. That they actually want to share with their friends. That makes them look good to their friends and family.

9- Be authentic

No one wants to read content that they feel is trying too hard or clearly trying to sell me something or accomplish some objectives. So the secret to actually creating content that works is to just be honest, and be transparent, and create content that you actually want.

10- Be transparent

Try to have a Fantastic content and put the right message in the right channel, that is very natively adapted to that channel. in short, Try to be completely transparent; that discloses that it’s a paid message but is so fantastic on the content side that consumers won’t care.

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