100% sales 0% fees.

All of the sales, none of the fees. Absolutely no transaction, monthly, cross-border, subscription, or any other hidden fees. Vapulus has an absolute zero fee mantra: you receive 100% of your sales and pay 0% on fees. We are the only global gateway that will give you all your sales money.

All your sales in one place

All your sales stored in one easy to analyze space.
Be in touch with your info.


POS system


Effective Reporting

Watch how your sales grow in real time.

See the complete picture

Keep all traffic sources under control

Discounts & Offers

Seduce your potential clients with your promotions instantly.

Discounts & offers

Seduce your potential clients with your promotions instantly.

Send gifts

Cultivate loyalty

Promote discounts

Utilize cashback


Advertise, get the full analytics.

The right offer for the right people, at the right time!

See and control what works and what doesn't

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Vapulus work?

Vapulus is a payment gateway that allows you to sell your services and receive payment from anywhere in the world. To get started, sign up for an account now and start receiving your money today. Vapulus does not charge any transaction or monthly fees, and provides analytics tools that help you manage your sales and plan for your business.

Which currencies does Vapulus support?

Vapulus currently supports 135 currencies worldwide. This allows you to charge your customers in their local currency, and receive payment in your own.

Do you offer card readers?

Yes, Vapulus offers card readers.

I have a problem, how do I contact support?

For any problems, please email info@vapulus.com and one of our team will be happy to support you.

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