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Everyone would agree that a structured sales method is needed for maximum efficiency,

but we all know about companies that ignore this fact.

Without a series of steps or structures, sales are lost or ineffective, so it is necessary to

evaluate the process in use.

Perhaps your problem is that you have not had time to develop and implement a sales process.

This could be because you saw it as “busy” with too many forms to fill out, or that you

thought your sales team could perceive it as a “control” tactic.

Whatever the reason for the delay, now is the time to correct the error and increase sales.

To do this we must evaluate our reasoning on our customers.

Instead of asking “What should we do to close this agreement?” You should ask yourself

“What should the customer do to buy?” This change translates into an important change

in the way you think about sales work. Consider these points:

What is the purchase process of this customer? We need to know what it will take and

who needs to be involved for this customer to make a purchase.

Where is our customer in their purchase processes? Does your client have a day or two away from signing the contract or is he still “kicking the tires”?

What is the next reasonable step that they must take?

If you can figure out where they are and what it will take to buy them, then we can find the next logical step for them to do.

What can we do to convince them to take that step?

Once we know what the next customer will do, then we can understand what we need to do next in our sales process.
We should work with the knowledge that everything we do in our sales process is done to help our customers do what they have to do to buy.

Any action taken that is not performed with the intent of enhancing or encouraging our customer to approach a purchase is wasted energy.

The same logic applies to any meeting with the business executives of your potential client.

Ask yourself what exactly you want to do with your client following this meeting?

You should never attend any meeting without a plan of what you want that meeting to accomplish. Do you want the bigwig company to:

Approve the plan and meet with other managers?

Plan a meeting where you can involve an associate to provide a better understanding of how your product will benefit this customer?
Engage or schedule a schedule to meet again with you for your advice to meet their needs?

Always have an action plan before addressing your sales prospect so that it is a fruitful use of time.

This may seem like a job long before the sale, but remember before going to see a customer – or worse, getting on a plane to fly there –

if we do not have knowledge of their buying process and where they are in that process, we will not know what to say or do to enable them.

So we are nothing but a professional visitor – not a professional seller.

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