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Women – Stand Up and Roar!

Remember that memorable song, “I Am Woman …”? Well, sir, shopping women are

a huge $ 86 billion segment on the market today – and it’s time to be recognized by

the business segment.

In the last two years, some California companies have complained that the state

regulations and prices of public services make business so expensive that it is

almost impossible to make a profit.

The governor of Colorado has even embarked on personal trips to Silicon Valley,

trying to convince companies to relocate.

It is true that California has some of the highest costs for doing business in the nation,

but no study has shown that there is an entrepreneurial exodus from our Golden State.

In fact, I see more confident entrepreneurs every week wanting to start a business in California,

and a good part of them are women.

Joel Kotkin, a California economics expert at the Davenport Institute for Public Policy

at Pepperdine University in Malibu, said that “the counties of Los Angeles and

San Diego show that more companies than the closing ones were created”.

In fact, many experts believe that our advantage is our proximity to Asian markets,

high-quality intellectual capital and a strong tradition of start-up activities that will make

California bigger than the rest of the country in employment growth.

(I hope the experts are right!)

Regardless of what experts believe or say, let’s face it – there are always those people

who only see the “descending” side of every situation.

They constantly complain about the rain and completely miss the rainbow that follows

with the sun.

Look, being an entrepreneur who starts his business is not for the faint of heart!

If you do not go inside with your eyes wide open, waiting for bumps along the way,

then do not leave that salaried job with its benefits. I have heard so many people say,

“I can not leave my job now – I need the benefits”.

They completely forget the benefits of having a dream and work hard to make it happen.

There has been a lot of “clamor” and “blater” on the government and financial side that

if you want to start your business and you are a woman, a minority, or both – then you are

a “shoe-in” for loans and so on. .

Do not you believe it! A bank, a bank, a bank – and anyone looking for a loan must

answer the 3 most burning questions of the bank.

1. How much of your money are you investing in yourself?

2. What are your assets? And

3. How do you plan to repay the loan? If you can not satisfy the banker,

then it does not matter if you are a woman, minority or vegetable, the loan will not be imminent.

Now I have said all this to say, do not let this derail your dream.

Keep going on and you’ll find out how you can do it.

There are a lot of people out there ready and waiting to rain on your parade –

do not give it a chance. Let it rain everything they want, keep marching towards your goal.

Write that business plan, your goals for the first year and the second and third.

If you can overcome these first jolts on the road, then you’re on your way, as Dorothy said “At the bottom of the yellow brick road”.

Those companies that leave for other states are simply leaving much more than the market to draw from when they start.

It seems that I’ve heard more “You can not” than “Go ahead – try it” lately, and I just can not understand why so many people are so anxious to break you down that they do not help you. I really believe that if that was what our founding fathers would listen to, we would not even have a California in which to have a business.

I’m here to tell you that if you have an entrepreneurial dream, there are only two questions to ask yourself. They are; 1. If I try and fail, what is the worst that can happen? And 2. Is it really worse than if I did not try it at all? Go ahead – MISS IT AND RUGGED!

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