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Tips on how to save money on transportation

Prices go up every year, especially the cost of gas. Transportation is an important factor that makes the family budget difficult to cover all your expenses. Here are some guidelines to help you save money on transportation:

1. To save money, you should always check your vehicle regularly. A well-maintained vehicle can get you out of trouble in repair costs. In fact, you can spend only $ 50 on the maintenance of your vehicle and save up to $ 800 in repair costs in one year. You can even save more if you do the maintenance yourself and do not take your car to a car store.

2. If you want to save more money, it is recommended not to buy a new car. The value of a car depreciates automatically when you take it out of the showroom of the car dealer’s shop. You can buy a car that is used for at least one year. It will save you thousands of dollars at the real value of the car when it was new. The owner will then pay all the depreciated value of the car.

3. Save money on the purchase of used cars by comparing the prices of the car dealer and the actual price on the list of used car dealerships. To make sure that the car you buy is well conditioned, you can request the help of a mechanic to verify if the car is good enough for its price. It is better to buy a used car from a person you know and trust. This will help you make sure you have a good business to buy a car.

4. Try comparing gas rates. You can load fuel into your car with the gas station that offers the lowest price in gasoline. You can even save more by pumping gas yourself and use the lowest octane in your car manual. It is also recommended that you pay in cash for credit cards that charge additional fees. Do not forget to check the gas cap if it is tight to make sure that the gas does not spill.

5. Always keep the engine tuned and have the tires inflated to the desired pressure to save you more money. A well-maintained engine consumes less gas. Keep the trunk of your car clean to save more fuel. Heavy loads on your vehicle can consume more fuel due to the excess weight it carries.

6. Try to limit the use of your car on your daily route. You can take the bus or subway to save gas. You can also save time by ignoring the traffic you find every day on the streets.

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