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Tips for selling your timeshare

Many people agree that reselling a timeshare is not as easy as buying one.

You will receive a lot of invitations in e-mails; receive courtesy and e-mail calls

to participate in a timeshare presentation.

They offer sizes and favors in exchange for attending a presentation. Why all this?

To convince yourself, buy a timeshare.

Buying is as easy as doing a simple survey and many companies come knocking at

your house to sell a timeshare.

But, have you ever wondered, is selling a timeshare as easy as buying one?

The hard truth is “no”. The resale of a timeshare can be a real pain in the neck.

This is why many experts advise not to buy timeshare as an investment.

It will never reward you with the returns of a real estate.

It’s an investment in your life, dreams but not for financial returns.

It is true that many people buy a timeshare with the intention of going on holiday only,

but some unforeseen circumstances may force some timeshare owners to resell

their timeshare units.

So this article is exclusively for those people and it can also bring benefits to others

who are thinking of selling their timeshares due to reasons like change of taste,

the family has grown and no longer want to go to the same position, etc.

1. Check with the timeshare developer who sold you the timeshare.

Sometimes developers offer the original purchaser the opportunity to resell their

timeshare to the developer.

If not, find out if your timeshare is associated with an authorized broker managing

the timeshare resale.

2. You must be realistic in your expectations. Do not expect wonders. It is a bitter truth that timeshare properties sell at less than their original price. Not only that, resale can be difficult, especially if it is in a not very popular destination, it is a small unit such as a studio and if the time of use is in the off season. It could be a challenging task to sell a timeshare like the one discussed above. But in the case of a property that is found in popular vacation destinations, it is quite large and offers use during high season could sell easily. But again, even if the property sells it could sell 30-50% less than its original price. So be prepared mentally about it, think it’s like your car that depreciates from year to year.

3. Make sure you do your homework first. Research the market to find out the prices. Also, you know what you’re selling by studying all the documents thoroughly. Try to ascertain whether your property is owned or entitled to use one. Some rights to use property values ​​decrease greatly as they approach their expiration. Knowing all these facts informs you about your timeshare and helps you to resell property with confidence.

4. Indicate your timeshare with a real estate agency.

There is no shortage of online and traditional brokers.

But inquire if there is any fee in advance for the listing of the ad or commission on the sale of the property. You may not want to go with a broker that charges very large commissions or commissions. You can also list your timeshare in the ads offered by many timeshare developers. The last trend that is recovering is to list your timeshare for the auction on sites like e-bay, which do not allow you to develop your advertising campaign with your ideas.

5. Do not fall prey to scammers who could trick you by offering quick resale of your timeshare. Never believe in their promise to resell it quickly, as we discussed in detail earlier on how it is necessary to resell a timeshare. There is no guarantee that your timeshare can resell in a certain period of time.

6. Also, do not commit to any offers on the phone. Make decisions quickly. Take your time to make a decision and come to a conclusion whether to accept the offer or not. Also request the written offer and also get a written contract.

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