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The negative aspects of a 50/50 corporate partnership. “

This article could have been titled “The Pros and Cons of a 50/50 Equity Partnership”,

but the cons far outweigh the professionals. When partnerships are formed, the obvious

concerns are addressed. How do each partner’s skills and experience complement each other?

How much will each partner contribute to making the business work?

How long will they grow the business until they entertain it to sell it? Is that so? … hardly.

Once the business proceeds without doubt, the economic and industrial variables that

influence the business change. Also the perception of each partner in the management

in which the company should go changes.

There are constant decisions about the combination of product and service offerings …

the decision to enter another line of business or get out of it.

Should the focus be on a higher volume, a business model with lower profit margins

or vice versa? What about a transition to a more capital-intensive model.

If the company becomes a success, many times potential investors insinuate themselves,

whether it is an angel investor or a venture capitalist. Both partners must agree on the investment proposal.

What happens if one of the partners acquires a resource for the company, be it a land,

a building, a small data center, a thousand servers, or complicate things further,

contributing in some way to an intellectual resource.

When the company will be sold, what is the value of the partner’s assets?

Who should evaluate it? This can become an insurmountable obstacle.

Most buyers know that they do not like any piece close to what it’s worth alone.

When it’s time to sell the company, the financial situation of each partner is

undoubtedly changed since the company was founded.

The consideration for the company could be all cash, all shares or a combination

of money and shares.

The tax implications of each of the three scenarios are different for each partner.

I have seen the process of decommissioning a company go up in smoke too many

times because the partners did not agree on the proposed agreement.

They spent years to grow the company, so I’m not at all agree on when to sell,

whom to sell and / or how to sell it.

The business concerns the return on equity, not “all for one and one for all”.

My suggestion … a ship, a captain.

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