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Spend wisely to save money

Have you ever noticed that the things you buy EVERY week in the grocery and

hardware stores increase by a few cents between a shopping trip and the other?

Not much … just a bit ‘EVERY week but continue to climb and climb.

All that is needed for the long way to increase the price A little inconvenience in

the world market, note the price of gasoline in relation to world affairs.

There is a way in which we can keep these price increases impacting our

personal finances so much, that is, buying quantities and finding the best

possible prices for the things we use and will continue to use every day …

things that will keep it just as good Nostre case shelves come come on the

shelves of the grocery store or hardware store.

For example, dog food and cat food cost about 10% less WHEN they are bought

by Rather Than WHEN they are purchased at the price of the individual and

if you expect prices close you save much more. Set aside a space In your

home and make a list of things you use regularly that

do not hurt. All products based on cereals or grains must be stored in airtight

containers in which the rats do not pass, so keep a mind.

So we propose to find the best prices that can be obtained on purchases of

quantity of things come. Toiletries and dry and canned food.

You will be surprised at how much you can save by buying a twenty pound rice

bag RESPECT a one-pound envelope, but do not forget that it MUST be kept in

a rat-proof container.

YOU CAN BUY SOME GARMENTS of clothing come socks for men and

underwear Because those still do not change, avoids buying clothes for

children and women, they also change drastically The still and the sizes change.

Try to acquire and maintain a supply of due years of these items and you

can save hundreds of dollars.

ما هى VAPULUS ؟

VAPULUS هي وسيلة دفع وتسويق عن طريق الهاتف وأقوى مزوّد حلول مدفوعات في الشرق الأوسط و جنوب افريقيا،

تقوم بتزويد الخدمة لكلا من رواد الأعمال والأفراد واضعين نصب أعيننا توفير

تجربة دفع رائعة للتاجر المصحوبة بمميزات التسويق الرقمي والتحليلات، حيث تتنوع وسائل الدفع الرقمي،

فإن نظام التشغيل يقبل بطاقات الصراف الآلي وبطاقات الإئتمان و المحافظ الرقمية علي حدٍ سواء،

مما يتيح الفرصة لتوفير خدماتنا لفئة الغير متعاملين مع البنوك بحرية.

تطبيق VAPULUS عبر الهاتف يمنح مستخدميه إمكانية الشراء عبر الانترنت والشراء من داخل المحال التجارية

ودفع فواتيرهم بالطريقة المفضلة لديهم من خلال الهاتف أو الجهاز اللوحي أو الحاسب الشخصي.

يمكنكم تحميل تطبيق VAPULUS: 

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