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Refund requests

It does not matter if you have the most important ebook written on the potty that you train

your child. 99.9 percent of your customers will be completely satisfied, with fantastic

testimonials that you can use in your sales copy.

But, let’s face it, there will always be that customer who does not like the product for any reason.

So, how to avoid refund requests. Good question.

Always offer a great product or service to start with.

Make sure your customers receive what they paid for.

Make sure your product meets the customer’s expectations after reading your sales letter.

Go a little further and offer more than promised to guarantee ecstatic customers.

Nothing makes a customer happier than a lot of bonuses, especially those that do not expect.

Having excellent customer service with a very fast delivery time.

Tip: Make friends with your customers and ask all your employees to read:

How to conquer friends and influence people with Dale Carnegie. Be sure to give a 1800 number that actually goes to a live person or who calls the customer.

It can be quite irritating to never talk to a human in this technological world.

Provide an immediate automatic response email so that the buyer’s anxiety about purchasing the product is alleviated.

Let’s say you did your homework and still get some reimbursement, what you do.

You use it to your advantage and collect data on why you have requested a refund. Be sure to document all phone calls, collect data via e-mail and even a web form.

Check to see if you can solve your client’s problem or concern.

You may be able to resolve the refund request.

In the end, always honor the money back guarantee for any complaints.

Offer the customer free trials or gifts, let them keep the bonus products and leave them happy.

They may decide to buy a different product from you in the future because of this excellent treatment.

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