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Prepare crisis control

A personal crisis does not have to mean disasters for your business if you are prepared.

Every company occasionally suffers a crisis, but what happens when your dilemma is

not the fall of profits, but personal.

Because we have no idea what kind of personal crisis we can expect: a bad divorce,

a debilitating illness or a struggling parent / child / husband, we must be prepared.

Just as you plan advertising and promotions, you have to plan life’s surprises.

Paul Krasinski, founder of Lion Strategy Advisors, New York, suggests finding someone

who can take responsibility and go on for at least 20 days.

He / she needs to be someone who can communicate well with the staff and command respect, and may or may not be the person you feel closest to in the company.

Once a personal crisis occurs, Krasinski recommends “full disclosure” to your employees. This avoids the feeling of being hit by a bomb, and business will continue as usual. If you think this does not work, let me give you a clinical history.

Dana Weidaw, 28, and president of her PR company, had been in business for 1 year only when she tested “full disclosure” with her employees. She was diagnosed with an aneurysm that required a surgeon to pierce her skull. He had just made his first big customer and was advertising a large hockey arena. If everything was not right with the project, this client could prove to be the last one.

Before losing 7 days of work, Weidaw prepared her full-time employee, another agency she worked with and her client sharing the clear details of her crisis. He assured everyone that everything would run according to plan and without problems in his absence, and found that everyone was willing to solve his crisis. Weidaw discovered that, by nature, people are very nice.

A word of caution, though, you need to know when to speak.

During and after a crisis, complete disclosure is great.

If you are in “emergency”, however, it may be prudent not to advertise that if your personal life goes in the tanker, good old Gary or Suzy will be responsible.

Your employees may needlessly dwell on why they were not chosen to handle the show for them.

Above all, you do not want to cause widespread distress or distract staff from everyday operations.

With the same security with which you plan the financial allocations for your company,

you always have a crisis plan. This may require adjustments from year to year as staff goes

out and is replaced, so when planning the business needs of each year include the crisis plan.

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