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“Positively out of the box”

How can a person “think outside the box?

” This should be done independently, but how?

Here’s an example: cut a cake into eight slices, but you do not have to do

more than three cuts.

Most people will have trouble finding a way to cut the cake.

But to solve this, you have to change the way you look at the cake and how to cut it.

A perfect solution is to cut the cake in two equal sizes and put the other half on top of the other.

Cut it again in half, then stack the other half pieces one on top of the other and cut them again.

Here, this is outside the box.

Another example of thinking out of a box is this: Here are four words …

subtract, multiply, add, decrease … Now which one does not belong to the group?

Mostly people would immediately say that the word “decrease” does not belong. Because?

Because all the other three words are mathematical jargons and the second no.

Well, this is not a thought outside the box, if you think outside the box,

the answer would be the word “add” because it has only three letters while all

the others have six and more.

You could give many right answers, but the one that shows the most creativity stands out.

The predominant component in the way our mind works is the incorporation

of some changes from past experiences and processes. Another good example

is when you are asked for two days starting with the letter “T”.

Your answer will probably be Tuesday and Thursday.

Hey, what about tomorrow and today? Well, this is outside the box, all right.

Companies try to test a new product and are confident that they are getting

a design at a reasonable cost.

They look at things in the business and think that the goals will work as planned.

But these things seem already monotonous, because they only think of using the

past as patterns. Models are useful as they help finish tasks such as driving,

eating or drinking.

However, these are the same schemes that make it difficult for people to

think outside the box and create alternative solutions to a dilemma especially when they are challenged with unwanted data.

An important move to break the model is to try to reverse patterns,

drawings or solutions and arouse new interest.

Take things as they are and turn them backwards, or just turn them around

and you will be surprised by the result. This was the personal experience

of Henry Ford. His conventional plan was simply “bringing people to work”.

He tried to turn this into “bringing work to people”.

This plan generated more revenue.

Another way to bring out other solutions to problems and simple situations

is not to think about the topic. If you want to achieve something more creative,

do not think about the part of the problem, rather, think about people or

subjects in movement and then use abstract training or design as a stimulus for a new design.

But to think outside the box, never hesitate from the fact that some of your ideas

could be really crazy.

This could break the rigidity of thought and present a way to sift the irreverent and irrational.

This gives the thinker more freedom to think outside the box and reinvent things

so they have never been organized before.

What you could do is list some strange or absurd ideas about a particular problem.

Letting go of the question will free the stress you are trying to “squeeze” creativity.

Once you let it go, all the power of the universe is free to find a solution and the solution

will come to you when you least expect it.

In many other real-life scenarios, you might think outside the box for fun.

You can practice fun things that are hard to do without hurting anyone

by saying or doing the unexpected. But make sure you do it first with people you

already know to avoid conflicts and negative comparisons.

Say, a friend asks for time, you would automatically look at your wristwatch

which is the result of the stimulus-response theory.

Thinking outside the box, why not say something crazy like “Oh, it’s time to get revenge”,

then head to the door. Observe their reaction as they enter into total confusion

and trance as you have completely confused things in their heads and interrupted

their pattern of thought. (Do not forget to apologize later)

Thinking outside the box or usually known as creative thinking tries to design

a really creative new arrangement of elements to produce a work of art.

Being a thinker outside the box can be a rewarding profession.

This is dangerous, but it could be one of your strengths in a short time.

If the herd is going to the right, go to the other side.

Remember that you could be a genius in your own way.

Your thoughts come from deep rays and these totally different ideas are

smart enough to make a difference at the end.

Being creative and unconventional is sometimes wild, but it could push you through

growth and self-development.

You will be surprised at how easy and different it is for you to solve and try

to resolve things away from proven and true habits. Let your thoughts out of

the old box be your guide to a new and better, wonderful approach to life.

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