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Money-saving methods

Saving is basically putting aside money or a way to use current income for future use.

You save for several reasons, such as university education, the purchase of a new car,

for a new TV you want to buy in three or four months, for the down payment on a house,

or to provide for yourself when retirement arrives.

Although there are several reasons to save, there are also many methods in which it is

possible to save. In most cases, the best method can be determined by whatever plan

you have for the future.

1. Savings accounts. When saving for a short period or for emergency reasons,

consider opening a savings account, as this method allows you to easily access your funds.

Great for long-term and short-term savings, you can deposit and withdraw money into your account and earn interest, based on your average daily balance. However, you need to keep a minimum balance, and you will be charged a penalty for non-maintenance.

2. Check the account with interest. Here you can take advantage of the control of the convenience of the account, while the deposits acquire interest. Generally these types of accounts grant privileges such as unlimited withdrawal and writing checks, access to ATMs and bill payments that can be made online.

This method typically requires a daily maintenance balance of at least $ 2,000.

3. Money market insured accounts. For long-term goals, this method is ideal, as it generally offers a much higher interest rate than a regular or standard savings account.

The interest rate usually depends on the amount of money in your bank account; greater balance means greater interest.

4. “CD” or certificates of deposit. This is a savings method that requires you to

“lend” money to your financial agency for a certain period of time, usually from thirty days to five years.

Here, the longer the time, it means greater interest.

Keep in mind that insurance companies usually offer better deals on interest than banks,

so before investing, compare rates first!

At certain times, when your goal is many years away, it may be a wiser decision to save money

in a certain way that you are not used to using it if not the main reason to save it.

Deciding on the right financial agency like a bank, a credit union or an insurance

company can bring a lot of benefit to your finances.

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