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Looking for jobs for perfect teenagers

Just because you’re a teenager does not mean you can not find a good job

to help you at school or to earn some extra money for your hobbies and needs.

Here are some tips for bagging a great job for teenagers

Work laws

You, of course, must follow the law.

And there are various laws that regulate youth employment in different states.

Teenagers who are hired to do non-agricultural jobs must at least be fourteen years

old to work. Here are some other restrictions.

You will need to do a little research in the state you are in to be updated with the latest laws and regulations.

Teenagers aged 14 to 15 can work only three hours a day and eighteen hours a day.

When there are no lessons and during summer breaks, this amount can be

increased to eight hours a day, 40 hours a week. Work for teenagers of this

age is also limited up to 7 pm. on school days and 9 am midnight during summer breaks.

Working documents
In several states, when the age of eighteen has not yet been reached,

it is necessary to obtain work documents officially known as Employment

Certificate or Age in order to work legally.

Schools are good places to acquire these important documents.

The Department of Labor also offers this type of service.

Browse the certification list by age or occupation to find out which rules apply to you.

Your school’s guidance office can be a great help. The state office will be of great

help if one is directed to the Department of Labor.

Special states like New York, for example, have special sections of the

Youth Jobs website, which will produce the information and

documents that you need to have.

Fantasy works

Make sure you undertake a job where you can keep interest.

You could consider after-school programs and work with children.

Or you may want to work part time on the beach, recreational facilities,

zoos and other areas.

The important thing is that you choose a job that you like and that you can

do with the best skills. It is very important to do your best in your job and

to choose one that you really like, as your experience with this job could

very well dictate your future career.

Job search

Your high school counselor may be able to help you find a part-time job that is right for you.

In addition to having contacts between local businesses, they can also help you

evaluate which jobs you will like and excel.

It’s also a good idea to tell everyone you know you’re looking for a job.

Do not underestimate your network of knowledge.

They could very well have other networks of acquaintances who could help

you find a good job.

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