The biggest expense you’ll have to sustain to lead to
the successful business is advertising.

You must advertise. Your business can not grow and prosper
unless you do not advertise. Advertising is the “lifeblood” of any
profitable business. And regardless of where or how you are
advertise, it will cost you somehow.

Every successful company is built and continues to thrive,
mainly, on good publicity. The best companies in the world
allocate millions of dollars a year to their advertising
budget. of course, when starting from a garage, basement or
kitchen table, you can not match their advertising
efforts — at least not at the beginning. But there is a way like you
they can approximate their maneuvers without actually spending theirs
kind of money. And this through “P.I” advertising.

“PI”. is on request. This type of advertising is more
generally associated with broadcasts, where you pay only for
the answers you get to your advertising message. It’s a lot
popular – somewhat similar to barter – and is used by many others
advertisers than most people realize. The advantages of PI
Advertising is in favor of the advertiser because with this
type of advertising agreement, you can only pay for the
results produced by advertising.

To enter this “free” advertising, start with a free leaf
notebook and about 100 sheets of filling paper. Come on, both
visit your public library and start studying through the broadcast
Yearbook on radio stations in the United States, or Standard Rate and Data
List of services on Spot Radio. Both these publications will do it
give you almost all the information you might want
licensed stations

A simpler way would be to call or visit one of your local radios
stations, and ask to borrow (and take home with you) them
current copy of one of these volumes. To buy them
outright it will cost $ 50 to $ 75.

Once you have a copy of one of these publications, select the
state or states in which you want to work first. It is generally better
start in your state and work out from there. If you have
a manual to make money, you could start with those first
states that report the majority of unemployment.

Use a bit of old-fashioned good sense. Who are the most people
probably interested in your offer and where the biggest are
concentrations of these people? You would not try to sell
windshield de-ice ice containers in Florida, or sunscreen in
Minnesota during the winter months, do you want to?

In any case, once you have decided your initial “target” area
on, go through the radio listings for cities and cities in
that area, and write down the names of the general in your notebook
mangers, station call letters and addresses. be sure to list
phone numbers too.

On the first try, list only one radio station by city. To choose
the people of the station most interested in your product would be
to listen. This can be determined by programming
description contained within the block of dates relating to the station in
Radio and Television Directory or SRDS Directory.

The first contact should be in the way you present yourself,
and asking if they would consider a PI advertising campaign.
Tell the station manager that you have a product that you think is appropriate
sell very well in its market and would like to test it first
keep going with a paid advertising program. You must quickly
Point out that your product sells for, say $ 5, and during
this test, you would allow 50% of that for each answer
station pulls for you. Explain that you will manage everything for
him: writing ads, all accounting and
accounting, as well as any refunds or complaints submitted
other words, all you have to do is schedule your advertisements on his
record and give them his “best shot”. When the answers arrive,
count them and deliver them to you for realization. you
make a check for payment to him, and everyone is happy.

If you contacted him by phone, he agrees to look beyond yours
material, say thank you and promise to get a complete
“package” in the mail to him immediately. So do just that.
Write a short cover letter, put it on top of your “ready-to-go”
PI Advertising Package, and receive it by mail without

If you are rejected, and he is not interested in “hiring”
any PI advertising, just say thank you, make a notation in yours
notebook with his name and go to your next call. contact them
people by phone is by far the fastest, the least expensive and most
productive method of “exploration” for those stations arranged in
consider your IP proposal. In some cases, however, circumstances
it will deem it less expensive to make this initial contact of
letter or postcard.

In this case, it is sufficient to direct the card or the letter to the person
they are trying to contact. Your letter should be positive,
simple and complete. It presents all the details in a logical way
order on a page, perfectly typed on letterhead and sent
in an envelope with letterhead. (Headers with printed rubber will not
pass a first glance.) Ideally, you should include a
postcard self-produced and stamped with spaces for positive or
negative check marks in response to your questions: Will or
you do not want more than my material and consider a mutual profit
“Per Inquiry” advertising campaign on your station?

Once you have an agreement from your contact at the radio station
that will look at your materials and take themselves seriously
consideration for a PI program, move quickly, getting your cover
letter and parcels via first class mail, maybe even special

This means that at the same time you organize your “radio”
station notebook, “you also want to organize your advertising
package. Everything is ready and ready for mail as soon as possible
how you have a positive answer. Do not allow time for that
interest in your cooling program.

You will need a follow-up letter. Write one to adapt to all situations;
have 250 copies printed, and then when you’re ready to send to
package, all you have to do is fill in the company greeting
and sign it. If you’ve talked about different or specific agreements
the question was discussed in the initial contact, however, type a
different letter incorporating comments or replies to points
discussed. This personal touch will not take long and may pay

You’ll also need at least two thirty-two commercials and two
sixty second spot. You could write and have 250
copies printed and organized as part of your PI advertising

You should also have some sort of written advertising contract
at the top, explaining everything about your program and how it all
must be managed; how and when the payment to the radio station is a
be done, in addition to special paragraphs relating to refunds, complaints,
and responsibility. All of this can be written very quickly and
printed in more than 250 or more on carbon-free multi-part snap-outs
business forms.

Finally, you should include an autographed and stamped postcard
the radio station can use to let you know that they are going to
use your PI advertising program when they start running
your commercials on the air, and how often, during which time
periods. Again, simply write the formulation in the form you
I want to use these “reply cards” and have printed copies
for your use in these mailings

To review this program: your first step is the initial contact
after searching for the SRDS or the transmission directory. Actual
contact with the stations is by telephone or by post. When it is lowered,
just say thank you, and go to the nest station on the list. For
those who want to know more about your proposal, immediately
get an PI advertising package to them via the fastest way
possible. Do not let the interest fade away.

Your advertising package should contain the following:
1. Letter of accompaniment
2. Sample brochure, product documentation
3. Advertising spots of thirty seconds and sixty seconds
4. PI advertising contract
5. Self-addressed and stamped postcard for station confirmation e
acceptance of your program.

Before asking why you need an identity card when you
have already given them a contact, remember that everything related
the business changes from day to day — conditions change, people arrive
busy, and other things come out. the station manager can sign to
contract with your advertising to start on March 1st. The
contract is signed on January 1, but when March 1 rolls
around, he may have forgotten, has been replaced, or even decided
against the execution of your program. A lot of paper apparently “cover”
all the details of the minute “can be very impressive for many radios
station managers and convince them that your company is good
one to do business with.

Let’s say that now you are impatient to start
your PI advertising campaign. Before “jumping out of the deep”
end, “remember this: the people of the radio stations are the same
professional and dedicated like everyone else in the business world – even more
so in some cases, so make sure you have a product or service
which lends itself well to sales via the radio inquiry system.

Everything can be sold and sold easily by any method you decide
on, provided you present it from the right angle. “Hello
There! Who wants to buy a mailing list for 10 cents and a thousand names? “
it would not even be allowed on the air. However, if you have the
addresses of the 100 best movie stars and you put together a
idea that allows people to write directly about them, they could have
a winner, and sell lots of mailing lists of the stars.

In the bottom line, a lot is riding the contents of yours
commercial — the advantages you suggest to the listener and how
it is easy for him to enjoy those benefits. For example, if you
have a new book on how to find jobs when there are no jobs.
You want to talk to people who are desperately looking
employment. You have to appeal to them with words that not only
“revives” their ears, but makes them feel that whatever it is
you are offering will solve their problems. It’s the product,
and in writing of the advertising message on that product are
going to bring in those answers.

Radio station operators are salespeople and salespeople
the whole world will be sold on your idea if you put your sale
pack together properly. And if the answers come in yours
first bid, you prepared yourself for a whole series of
successes. Success has a “chain effect”, but you have to start
on that first We wish you success!

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