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There is good news for entrepreneurs who need help but are not ready to hire full-time employees. Between January and July 2004, the ranks of part-time workers have grown from 24.3 million to 25.5 million according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It was also learned that from June to July the increase came from people who wanted to work part-time and not because they could not find a full-time job.

It seems that 1.7 million part-time jobs have two or more part-time jobs, and they do so by choice. Such workers will be more difficult to convert into full-time employees because they appreciate the diversity of different jobs.

All of this translates into benefits for the entrepreneur who needs help but can not hire full-time employees. Work gurus do not expect this part-time preference to pass early any time. It seems that the attractiveness of a reduced program is strong both for the elderly and for baby boomers in view of retirement. Parents who have interrupted careers to take care of their children but still want to work can also explain the boom.

Entrepreneurs should look enthusiastically at this group of workers and impatiently use part-time help. One big reason is that employer health insurance and other benefits add up to 50 percent of the average employee’s gross earnings. A part-time employer can get away with a low-cost factor, and still finds someone reliable and efficient.

Looking at the part-time boom seems like a win-win situation for entrepreneurs and workers. Check the potential client with your accountant and you may find that you are a winner and less stressed.

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