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10 Great ways to source low cost products for eBay

So you have trouble finding stocks cheap enough to sell them and get a good profit? Well, you’ve come to the right place. So you have trouble finding stocks cheap enough to sell them and get a good profit?
Here are 10 Great ways to source low cost products for eBay.

Garage sales. Most likely you have spent most of your life seeing warnings about them and ignoring them. Start going to as many as you can. You will find good things in each one, but when you find a person with good things, make them an offer for the lot; They will be happy that you can have a good business.

Markets If your area has a market, go there and look for something good. You could buy it there if it’s cheap enough, or try to make friends with the market traders and find out who their suppliers are.

Pawnshops generally do not know what to do with the garbage they accumulate (unless they are jewels, of course). In general, they place their stock on the shelves at random, hoping that someday someone will come with a little money, look for and buy incredibly dark things. Ask them to offer a volume discount.

Real Auctions Go to a real auction, since you can probably resell things for more than you sell them. After all, they only have a few hundred people in that room: you have to sell a few million!

Local newspapers. Place an ad in the local newspaper that says “Cash payment for [your type of item],” with your phone number. If you can afford it, turn it into a great ad, as it proves.

Bulletin Boards Get one of those small ads in the grocery store.

Friends Ask your friends if they have something they would like to sell you and ask them to pass the information to their friends.

Be known Give business cards, tell people what you do. Most likely, you meet someone who says “Oh, really, I have a load of [element] that I do not want.”

Stores This may be a bit surprising, but some real stores even sell cheaper things than they sell on eBay. Take a look at your local discount store and pay special attention to any store that accepts changes from customers. Most likely they suffer a loss in the exchange as a promotion, and die by getting rid of that action.

And finally: eBay! When you look at the completed items view, you will notice the wide variety of prices by which you can sell items on eBay. Try to take the item with the highest price and look for it alone, then order first for the lowest price: I can almost guarantee you will see an auction for the same item where it is sold for next to nothing. The trick is to find these defective auctions before they close, win them with a sniper service and then turn around and resell the item.

However, after all those problems, when you sell the item, the buyer may leave comments that you simply do not believe are fair. The following email will show you what to do about it.


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