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Go to the library to identify a hot market

The day may come when people do all the research and readings online, but they are not here yet. The fiction, of course, will always be printed …

it would be difficult to curl up with a good novel by the fireplace on a cold winter day with a computer.

The research, however, could possibly be performed online.

People buy books and “how-to-do” books that are dedicated to solving their problems and / or improving their lives every day.

By identifying the hot market books that are sold in bookstores (online and offline) you can identify a hot niche marketing topic.

Go to the libraries in your area and take note of the types of non-fiction books

that are available. You should especially note those that are self-help or as books.

If you can create the opportunity, ask the standard guy that those are selling the best.

It is he who knows what is supplied more often. Failing that, ask a floor seller for the same question. Ask the owner or library manager for the last option.

They are more likely to push books that are not selling well to make a sale.

Learn by whatever means you can decide which self-help or how to do for books are the most interesting sellers.

Another option is online libraries. It is not possible, of course, to request information from a person,

but you can search the site and determine which of the self-learning books or practical non-fiction books are the highest in sales.

Finding out which books people buy most often can give you an idea of ​​what

the hot market topics are. Armed with this information, you can go about creating

a niche marketing website that will have a better chance of being successful.

ما هى VAPULUS ؟

VAPULUS هي وسيلة دفع وتسويق عن طريق الهاتف وأقوى مزوّد حلول مدفوعات في الشرق الأوسط و جنوب افريقيا،

تقوم بتزويد الخدمة لكلا من رواد الأعمال والأفراد واضعين نصب أعيننا توفير

تجربة دفع رائعة للتاجر المصحوبة بمميزات التسويق الرقمي والتحليلات، حيث تتنوع وسائل الدفع الرقمي،

فإن نظام التشغيل يقبل بطاقات الصراف الآلي وبطاقات الإئتمان و المحافظ الرقمية علي حدٍ سواء،

مما يتيح الفرصة لتوفير خدماتنا لفئة الغير متعاملين مع البنوك بحرية.

تطبيق VAPULUS عبر الهاتف يمنح مستخدميه إمكانية الشراء عبر الانترنت والشراء من داخل المحال التجارية

ودفع فواتيرهم بالطريقة المفضلة لديهم من خلال الهاتف أو الجهاز اللوحي أو الحاسب الشخصي.

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