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Get what you want in 7 powerful steps

In my most recent columns, we have dealt with issues related to business and marketing improvement, but today we start from the beginning.

You’re really getting tired of the “rat race” from 9 to 5 and you’re thinking of throwing

it away for your business.

All your friends keep telling you that you could do alone what you’re doing now for your boss.

Why should not you take advantage of your ideas instead of him?

Keep thinking about it because you know you’ll never be financially where you would like

to stay with a weekly salary, but what business does it start?

Before you pack that weekly salary, this is the time to evaluate yourself and your future

and it takes some real honesty.

You want to change your life for the better, so let’s start.

Did you know you have the potential to do and be all you want?

People have different perceptions of the ideal life and go from obtaining financial

freedom to the simple possession of a new pair of sneakers.

Unfortunately, many fail to achieve their aspirations because they can not get

a solid and clear picture in their mind of what they want.

Take the next few days and undertake a journey of research into the facts that will

be an experience that will change your life.

Take a notebook and a pencil and start with this first step:

STEP 1 – KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT – Be specific in your passions, then concentrate all your efforts on that particular desire.

Those who always change their mind and those who give up easily when the going gets tough will never get anywhere. If you’re a little confused and you’re not sure what you really want in life, answer these questions:
What makes your heart beat with excitement?
What makes you happy?
What do you constantly think of day and night?
What do you want to do with the rest of your life?
What do you like to do?
What are your obsessions?
What things make you jump for joy?

Write down all your possible answers to the questions above. Write down everything, no matter how silly or insignificant it may seem. Put all your wishes on paper that answers any of the above questions.

When finished, go back and set five to seven items that interest you the most. So evaluate and choose with your heart, not with your mind, the one and only thing worthy of spending all your time and resources and bringing out the best in you.

Now you could end up with something like: “I want to play quarterback for RAMS.”

If you’re over 20, I’d say it’s not too viable, but you could do something for football or sport.

How about starting a sports publication? Or maybe a retail business of sporting goods, business with sports memorabilia or even a gym could be the answer. You can always read books and surf the net to help you with your search.

The most important thing to remember, regardless of how “cake in the sky” seems, is to USE YOUR HEART. Others may disagree with you, but you should be firm with what you really want. Others may offer comments or advice, but the final decision is always yours. You should focus on what you want, not on what others want.

Remember that you only have a chance to live your life. There are no replays and you can not do it. You may not do it the right way, but at least you’re doing it. Too many lives have been lived in a silent despair, waiting until they have saved a nest egg, until the children have gone to school, until my retirement, and they leave before “until” arrives.

Do not go to sleep tonight without making a decision about WHAT YOU REALLY LIVE IN LIFE MORE THAN ANOTHER.
So spend a few days considering how to make it possible and make a living. Start living every day as if it were the last day you had – never leave anything to do next week, next month or next year.

There will always be banknotes, things will always come to an end and they will have to be replaced, there could be storms, earthquakes and repairs – but there will only be one life for you to live. It can not be put on hold!

The final outcome of your efforts may be in the future, but you are living every day taking action for that result.

ما هى VAPULUS ؟

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ودفع فواتيرهم بالطريقة المفضلة لديهم من خلال الهاتف أو الجهاز اللوحي أو الحاسب الشخصي.

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