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Drive Traffic to Your Website With Articles

A quick, easy, free and guaranteed way to drive traffic to your website.
Many people start their way online towards the dream of wealth by starting a website and trying to sell a product that they have created themselves. You may have written an electronic book, recorded a cd of original songs, or weave some lovely potholders pot with pictures of cats in them.

Huge volumes of uproar have been published with the claim that the Internet is an easy, if not stupid, way to obtain wealth. The Internet is now a global advertising network, and millions of people browse every day for things they would like to buy, know or discover. They look for the needle in the electronic haystack that suits them for the moment. Buying online now has become reasonably safe.

The first problem is, how will buyers with a credit card and the desire to buy find your website? There may be up to 11,500 million public web pages published. That was a little over a year ago at the time of writing this article, so that number can only be much higher today. Exposing your small website that sells cat handles to potential customers may take a bit of work.

Search engines use complex algorithms (mathematical formulas) to determine whether the content of a website matches the claims of their owners. The self-proclaimed experts who follow this route for the exhibition should investigate every day to ensure its success. The search engine companies themselves keep their algorithms secret to prevent unscrupulous sellers unfairly take advantage of all the shopping experience and Internet browsing.

So, what is a seller of potholders to do? Search engine experts can charge more than $ 25,000 to ensure that your site is the first one found when someone enters a search. It’s a bunch of adorable cat grippers. There are some very simple and free methods to direct traffic to your website. One of them is to write simple articles. You are reading this now, right?

Hundreds of “article directories” exist on the web only for this purpose. The main and simplest thing that people search the Internet is information. People want to know something, and often a good place to find a piece of information is in the directory of an article. Thousands of 500-1500 word articles have been written and published on the Internet, and people love to read them. If they are short and informative, they will become popular to read and will not consume much time.

Then, once your website appears on the network, write a short and useful article about your product. Write down the style and content of your writing to suit your friends and clients, and also yourself. The average newspaper is written for a grade level 9 reader, and tabloids are written for a grade level 6 or lower. Writing on the Internet covers the whole range of education. Explain a problem that must be solved and, in the end, provide a solution. The sales copy is more complicated than this, but an article must be entertaining or it must fit the parameters of a possible search.

The most important part of the article, in addition to the content and the attention holder, is a direct link to your website in the author’s biography at the bottom. In most cases, the reader will click on the link, if it is live, to see what other information might be available about that particular topic. This link should lead directly to your penholder website. It is less likely that a reader will copy and paste the address of your website in your browser if another similar article appears in the directory.

Write a short paragraph indicating your experience with cat handles and invite the reader to visit their website. This will be his “biography of the author”. If someone reads the complete article, they are often curious who wrote it, if it covers the topic in which they are interested. Most article directories will accept the html code in the dialog box.

Look up the words “article directory” and make a list of as many as you can. Most directories are free to read and send your articles to. Registration is usually necessary, with your email as the user name. Get another free email address to use specifically for sending articles to avoid any problem with spam.

Once you have submitted your article, the publication may take a few days. Go back to the directory to see if your article is published and your link works. Then do it all over again. The articles will remain published forever, or as long as the directory exists. Over time, people will continue to read your article and go back to Click on your website. If you send your article to 20 directories and 40 people read it interested in potholders for cats, there are 800 potential customers more than one article. If you have time to write 20 small articles, and send them to 40 directories, and 40 people read each one over time, well, you do the arithmetic. Submitting articles is an easy, fast and guaranteed way to direct the traffic of your website in your own way and at no cost. Try it, you will be surprised.

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