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Do you need customers? Take Ten!

The art of getting new business is not a mystery, in fact it is so simple that we lack the forest

for the trees.

Here are 10 tips to remind you how to create more customers.

Get new business from the old.

Ask existing customers to find out more before trying to heat a cold stone.

Ask customers happy to refer people who know they do not know and make sure to keep

track of who referred to whom.
2. Pitch to Stranger. It’s like bad publicity when you blow hot air when you launch

a new perspective. In face-to-face mediation you must know what to say and say it

with conviction.
3. Give it to me straight. Nobody has time for “heating”.

Prepare well-refined phrases and put them into practice in front of the mirror.

People like it when you can get to the point quickly and intelligently.

If it’s e-mailed, make sure they do not have to scroll down to read it all.
4. Talk about your failures. Seriously! It builds credibility.

Everyone can not always be perfect and when you can tell a prospect why you lost a client and what you learned is a welcome change.

They appreciate not getting the usual hot air and dazzle-dazzle.
Offer a “loss leader”.

People are always less likely to buy impulsively from a person if they do not have a good feeling in them. Offering a loss leader allows the relationship to mature over time.

This is very important in B2B customers. (Loss-leader is the practice of offering a product

or service at a considerable discount and loss of profit to attract future business).
SELL. Choose the most successful competitors in your area and let them sell.

Play with the client and be aware of how you feel during each step and find out

why their approach works so well.

Car manufacturers buy cars and break them into nuts and bolts.

You can do the same thing in your space.
Pitch an Enemy. Find the most unpleasant son of a gun you can find and stop.

Let them be as bad as they want, then analyze later if something they have said has merit.

Be totally emotionless and do not defend anything.

You will learn where you are after you have done it.
Start a newsletter by e-mail. This is very similar to # 5. Offer them useful information week in

and week out, or month to month and month. Make them happy to see your name in the “from” field.

If they only hear you when you want something, they turn you off when they hear you.
Offering testimonials Clients or satisfied customers can say things about you that

you can never say about yourself in a credible way.

Use the person’s full name, if possible, when you do.

“KM from Buffalo” is not as strong as “Kenneth Moore of Buffalo”.
Ask questions. I can not stress enough how important this little suggestion is.

The simple fact of allowing people to express their needs in a verbalising way makes

them happy and tells them to listen. It also allows you to refine the steps to be taken when it’s your turn to speak.

It’s strange, but we’re so busy doing business that we tend to ignore what’s in front of our nose.

Most of the suggestions listed, would occur if we had ever had time to visit our customers while doing business.

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