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Dispelling 8 misconceptions of the organization

Some people were born organized and then there are those of us who struggle with

organizing each year right now.

It seems like it’s always at the end of the year when that little annoying bug begins to push you to clear things up and start the new year organized.

Well, I’ve read almost all the indications of all, useful books and suggestions on how to organize myself (in fact, I’m thinking of writing one myself), and I must tell you that there are some misunderstandings that are encouraged by every guru organization. It will be my pleasure to give you the “skinny” on that in today’s column.

Here are the 8 misunderstandings that we can throw out:

Handle the paper once. This is not only impossible, but in most cases it is not realistic.

Instead of handling the paper once, get into the habit of doing something with each piece

of paper to move it forward.

If you have information about an upcoming seminar / fair, for example, decide whether to participate or not.

If you need to participate, write down the date on your calendar and sign up.

Otherwise, immediately launch the information.

If you want to wait to register, take note in your planner to respond well before the deadline and deposit the card in your “to do” file.
Always keep the cards out of sight: some of us work better when the desk is free,

while others feel suffocated if they are not surrounded by piles of paper.

If you’re a “far from the eyes – far from your mind” type, keep the documents you often use in the vicinity of files or binders.

They will be accessible, but they will not clutter up your desk.

When you work on a project, expand the documents related to it, and when you’re done, put them together in one place.
Everyone should be organized to the same extent. Different people work differently.

Do not think about having to work like someone else.

Find a comfortable level of organization and make the necessary changes to maintain that level.

I usually draw that line when I’m looking for something and I can not find it; at that moment I know that things must be reorganized.
Soon we will be a “paperless” company. Do not you believe it.

Experts have been saying this for years and we will not be paperless for a long time. Technology is not the problem, it is human nature that is the culprit.

We are habitual creatures used to seeing things in print rather than on a computer screen.

Younger generations are now trained on computers at an early age, so when they join the workforce, the “paperless” society will have more chances to become a reality.
A planning system should adapt to everyone.

When used correctly, daily planners are an ideal way to stay organized.

Keep in mind, however, they are designed by few for many users.

When you buy a planner, both paper and electronic, determine what you want me to do and choose a system accordingly. If you can not find one that fits your system, design your own according to your individual needs.
You must have been born organized to be organized.

We learn both good and bad habits at an early age.

You can change any bad habit, including disorganization. Young people who grow up in an organized environment sometimes rebel as adults, being disorganized.

The opposite is also true, but neither is carved into the stone and the behavior can be changed.
YOU MUST use a to-do list. Planning day by day is not realistic for everyone. Someone can do the same task every week, but others find their plans change every day.

Consider your particular need, then plan by the day or week.
Being organized means being a perfectionist.

A perfectionist can spend time on insignificant details while neglecting the big picture. When others complete a project quickly and on time, the perfectionist continues to work until the project is perfect.

A perfectionist becomes more effective when he lowers his standards slightly and focuses on increasing productivity.

Misinformation, if taken seriously, can keep you from doing what you want.

The next time you hear one of those “organizational gurus” marrying one of the aforementioned misunderstandings, consider its worth and work to develop your personal style of organization. 

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