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Definition of quality

In a layman the quality of the language is good, excellent and lasting.

But the quality can be better defined in the following ways:

The quality is suitable for use
The quality is free from defects
Complies with the requirements
Customer satisfaction

Any product or service is of quality if the customer perceives it.

This is because in this age of competition the customer is considered the king.

And the organization should always aim to find efficient and effective methods

to maintain and improve quality.
The word quality means different things for different people.

David Garvin identifies five quality points of view:

Transcendent approach:

this vision represents a brand of uncompromising standards and high results. He argues that people learn quality only from experience or repeated exposure.
Product-based approach: this approach asserts that quality is recognized by the total attributes possessed by the product.

User-based approach:

this vision indicates that quality is in the eye of the beholder.

This definition identifies quality with maximum customer satisfaction.
Production-based approach: this vision explains quality in terms of engineering production practices. It focuses on compliance with internal specifications that are

achieved by productivity and cost containment goals.

Value-based approach:

this approach describes quality in terms of price and value. Quality is defined as accessible excellence.

Why achieve quality?

Quality is necessary to be achieved because in today’s competitive scenario a company

can only grow by serving its customers and offering maximum satisfaction to

customers at the lowest cost.

Achieving quality is necessary to delight the customer and provide the organization with a competitive advantage.

Until and unless the product or service is of quality, it will not be entertained by the

target market.

There is a cause and effect relationship between customer and company where

the customer is the cause and the business is the effect.

How can quality be obtained?

Any product or service can not achieve quality alone, but must be achieved through planning

and management.

The organization should follow good quality management practices such as TQM.

TQM aims to combine the efforts of the entire organization with employees from

all departments to achieve quality improvement in order to provide the customer with full satisfaction.

ما هى VAPULUS ؟

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