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Computer help Where and how to get it

Well, you can not deny it: no matter how new or how well our computers are, sooner

or later we come across computer problems.

The good news is that we do not have to face them alone.

There are a lot of resources available to help us solve computer problems,

but it takes a bit of knowledge to know how to access them. This article will show you how.

Remember the help files. It’s fun, but people seem to forget that every computer and every program installed on a computer comes with its own help file. Even the operating system of a computer has a help file and should really be the first place to look for answers. The help files are designed not only to guide the use of a computer, but are also designed to solve problems. Within a help file, look for a section called “Troubleshooting” (or something similar) when a problem is needed. This section is reserved for troubleshooting specific software or hardware problems you are using.

Product websites. If you have a problem with a piece of software or with a piece of hardware, try the manufacturer’s website for that software or hardware. Most (if not all) producers reserve a portion of cyberspace and dedicate it to supporting the products they build. The Microsoft help desk is a good example.

Fan sites. Fan sites are probably not a good name for this resource, but you can find websites dedicated to supporting users of a particular software or hardware program. We called them “fan sites” because the maintainers of these sites have no affiliation with the producers they support! Call them whatever you want, but their free help is immeasurable and without it we would not have some of the fantastic methods and troubleshooting techniques we have today.


ما هى VAPULUS ؟

VAPULUS هي وسيلة دفع وتسويق عن طريق الهاتف وأقوى مزوّد حلول مدفوعات في الشرق الأوسط و جنوب افريقيا،

تقوم بتزويد الخدمة لكلا من رواد الأعمال والأفراد واضعين نصب أعيننا توفير

تجربة دفع رائعة للتاجر المصحوبة بمميزات التسويق الرقمي والتحليلات، حيث تتنوع وسائل الدفع الرقمي،

فإن نظام التشغيل يقبل بطاقات الصراف الآلي وبطاقات الإئتمان و المحافظ الرقمية علي حدٍ سواء،

مما يتيح الفرصة لتوفير خدماتنا لفئة الغير متعاملين مع البنوك بحرية.

تطبيق VAPULUS عبر الهاتف يمنح مستخدميه إمكانية الشراء عبر الانترنت والشراء من داخل المحال التجارية

ودفع فواتيرهم بالطريقة المفضلة لديهم من خلال الهاتف أو الجهاز اللوحي أو الحاسب الشخصي.

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