Advertising is not difficult to do. You prepare an announcement or write to
classified ad to sell your product or generate interest to send more people
information. But the way most people make mistakes is theirs
inability to write an effective advertising text and to send it to be published in
the wrong publication. Here are some suggestions to follow:

Write an effective copy
Never try to sell items that cost more than $ 5 in a small display ad or a
ad. First of all, you do not have enough space to tell people
all they need to know to entice them to order.

Instead, you need to use the “Two-Step” advertising method. Request
the reader to send $ 1 or 4 first-class stamps for more
information. When they answer, you will send them a booklet, a flyer, an order
form and cover letter so that they can place an order for the actual product.

Now that the price is out of hand, let’s talk about writing your copy of the ad.
The best way to learn how to read the ads that other people have written.
Do not copy them word by word, but use them as a guide to writing your ads.
Once understood, I will write a copy of the ad as effective as the professionals.

Advertising in the right publication. Although this may seem a bit
silly and you think it’s just common sense to know – people will do it often
neglect this fact when choosing the publication in which they will be advertising.
Instead, they will look for the lowest price for the amount of circulation
they receive. Unfortunately, this does not work. Even if you need
to look for good offers that make it easy on your wallet, you will be
throw away the money if you do not pre-qualify the chosen publication.

One way to prequalify the publication is to send a test copy.
Most publishers will send you for free. If you
I do not know of any correspondence, just write to Glenn Bridgeman,
PO Box 10150, Terra Bella CA 93270 or William Lee, Rt 1, Box 10790,
Madisonville TN 37354 and ask them to send you a little. (Be sure to attach
$ 1 or 4 first class stamps with your request to offset shipping
costs). If you tell them that you are new to correspondence and you are interested in
publications to advertise, you will certainly find the $ 1 you spent
it’s worth it, because both these editors are very respectable,
honest and useful.

Study the publication to see what other people advertise and how
They are advertising it. Contact some of the people who sell items similar to yours
possess with the hope of working on the net with them. You’d be surprised at how much
free advertising that you can only get from correspondents, calls and networking
with others.

Once you have identified a publication in which you want to advertise, try it
3 months. If you do not receive any answers or just a few orders, try another one
publication. There are millions of them and in the end you will hit on the right
reference market that will be interested in what you have to sell.

Do not stop with just one publication. Just because you find the target market
of people who are interested in buying the product there is no reason
you can not advertise in more than one publication. In fact – if you do not,
your ad will become obsolete. If the same people continue to see your ad every
they will probably tire of looking at him. Also, if they wanted to
the product they would have ordered now. Do not tire them! alternate
ads of different sizes and get rid of those that do not work well.

Leave the publication of your ad as long as it carries orders for you, but also
advertise in 5, 10, 20 or 50 other publications also to generate a constant
flow of orders and to reach more people.

Key Your Ads. Many beginners in the mail order never enter their advertisements like that
know what people publish has seen their advertisements in. In fact, I personally never
I did this and ended up losing a lot of money. So please do not do the
The same mistake I did. The encoding of your ads means that you enter a code of some kind
in your address so that when people write and order something from you, you
he will immediately know where they saw your ad. Keep a record of each name
and address of the publisher to whom an ad is sent. Record the date
you sent the announcement and the date you received a check copy, showing that yours
appeared announcement. It also records the “code” you used so you can identify immediately
Where is he from.

If your address is “123 Anytown St”, it could become “123 Anytown St,
Suite A “for one publication and” Suite B “for another
still deliver your mail to “123 Anytown St.” Of course, if you live in a
apartment complex and there are apartment numbers that you could turn into “111 Johnson
Apt A “in” 111 Johnson, Apt A-1 “for a publication and” Apt A-2 “for
another. Mailbox addresses are also simple. Turn “PO Box 585” into
“585 PO Box, A-1 Department” for a publication and “A-2 department” for another publication.

Sometimes people also change their name on the ad for transparency purposes.
You may see the name “Harriet’s Recipe Book” instead of Harriet Ranger.
Harriet could also use “Harriet’s Cookbook” or even “Harriet’s Solution to
Emphasize “on your ads related to these products, use your imagination and
very soon, the conversion of your ads will be a normal part of your life.
Make sure and keep track (on your record sheet) how many of your answers
receive from each publication. After 3 months, check the registration sheet
and get rid of the publications that did not work well. You will go to ruin if you
spend $ 10 a month by posting a 2-inch ad if you only get $ 1 back
orders. After a while you’ll be able to see where you pay to advertise
your particular product and then you can send bigger ads to those
publications. Never stop using this method and you will never stop doing it
orders in your inbox. It’s a win-win situation!

Tabloids -vs- Adsheets. Another question about advertising that many people
it’s better to advertise in tabloids or spreadsheets. many people
will sell you information on the best day for the post and the best time of the
year to advertise. They think they have it with a science and a will
convince yourself of their methods.
However, there are no established rules that can be used by everyone. That is
because there are a great variety of ways to deal with various products. Self
sell travel services and read a report that tells you not to advertise
during the summer months, you would be in ruins. Summer is the travel industry
the biggest season to make money!

Do not get caught up in specific statistics made by people who claim to be
expert researchers. There is no way to determine what is best for you compared to
try it yourself and see what works. You are the person who is in control of yours
business and you’re where the dollar stops. Take advantage of your authority
and try every angle you can think of until you decide what’s best for yours
company product and / or service.

Tabloids are a great advertising vehicle and even adsheets. Sometimes
people feel lost in a tabloid filled with a 1 “ad
100 of them. This may be true in some circumstances and not true in others.
Do you look at the 1 “ads in the tabloids? Of course you do
your eye is always directed towards one or two on the page that catches your look.
Ask yourself “why” they caught your attention. It was because the advertisement was inserted
a specific area on the page? It was because of the title or word

Advertisements work well in tabloids and adsheets and sometimes not
Look at the back of the Globe or Enquirer. They do not have page after page
of ads? If no one was reading them and answering them, the
advertisers will not send Globe or Enquirer advertising to
their. So, obviously, people read the advertisements, even if there are 100
of them. Test the waters and do what works best for you.

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