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“7 simple steps to improve your interview skills”

In the midst of technological progress nowadays, the “return to base” rule still applies when it comes to being hired for a job. It does not matter if you’re going to apply for a million dollar company or a small, independent company. When you face an interviewer, it all comes down to how you present yourself. This is the decisive factor for those who will be hired or not.

So you’ve distributed your resume to potential employers and you’ve determined the right job for which to apply for it. The next step is to schedule the job interview.

You can meet the assistant or receptionist when you schedule the interview, by phone or personally. Be kind and polite as these people could provide information that may be essential to get that job or even to provide you with a background of the company or your potential boss.

In the end, present yourself for the interview.

The basic traits of being solicitous, the way you talk and bring yourself and even the way you dress are all factors that contribute to giving a lasting impression that will eventually make you hire.

Here are 7 simple steps on how to improve your interview skills:

1.) Prepare for the interview.

First, dress appropriately. Once the interviewer enters the room, or when you enter the room to be interviewed, your appearance will be the first thing to make the impact. Dress appropriately, check the care and mind posture.

Secondly, practice basic courtesy. Know where the interview will take place and be there with plenty of time to prepare before the scheduled interview. Turn off the phone to avoid unnecessary distractions.

2.) Research.

Use all your resources to make sure you know the basics of the company. You do not want to be caught unprepared when you will be asked how you heard or what you know about the company you are applying for.

Discover your potential employer. In your mind, develop a clear picture of your company profile.

Make sure you have prepared answers to some basic questions, but do not play scripts. This happens when you experience what you are saying word by word. It is sufficient to have an overview of what you will learn to the interviewer, and it is better to be spontaneous.

3.) Be nice.

Take a step forward so you are now sitting and the interview is about to begin. Make an excellent first impression by maintaining eye contact, giving the interviewer a firm handshake, a friendly smile and a polite greeting. Sit down only when you are asked to do so and do not forget to thank the interviewer for dedicating free time to his challenging program to interview you.

Make sure you start on a positive note and set the right expectations.

4.) Do not sell yourself short.

In the course of the interview, answer the questions briefly and carefully. The key is to be honest.

Make sure that, as a potential employee, you communicate to your future employer what you really are and what you can do for the company, and not vice versa. Stay positive and do not give a bad impression on your previous employer.

If you are applying for your first job, do not let your lack of experience prevent you from gaining the advantage over the more experienced candidates. What you lack of experience, compensate with confidence and desire to learn.

You can also put yourself in the employer’s shoes. Ask yourself, if I were on the other side of this desk, what quality should I look for in a potential employee? Do you profit if you work for me and can contribute to the development of the company?

Do not be afraid to sell yourself but do not be too sure of yourself. Just project an air that you are sure of yourself and your skills.

5.) Ask questions.

If you meet a difficult interviewer, do not be intimidated. The one who does not let you put a word in parallel should be reminded lightly that you should do most of the speech since it is he who needs to know more about you.

6.) Wrap it up.

As you approach the end of the interview, make sure all the bases are covered. Now is not the time to discuss or even ask for the salary and benefits you will receive once you are employed. There is a lot of time for this once you get the position and you are discussing the job offer.

Complete things by summing up your strengths and highlighting your positive traits. Finally, at the end of the interview, be sure to thank the interviewer again for his time, thus leaving a lasting impression.

7.) Follow-up.

Send that very important thank you note after the interview. Thank the interviewer for the time he took with you and to give you this opportunity. Make sure you know who to contact for follow-up results.

Much research has been done on the interview process. Here is a brief overview:

First of all, you make a program for the interview.
So, you’re there in the office and you’ve been seen by the interviewee.
The interview itself shines through.
The next one is the closure, so follow a thank you.
In the end we accept and discuss, negotiate and register the job offer.
You may notice that the interview occupies a large part of the hiring process, so you could also clean up your interview skills on your way to get that dream job.

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