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5 steps to get your priorities directly at home and in the company 1

Operating in a successful home-based business is a time-consuming task.

This is doubly true as home moms as we are responsible not only for the success of

our business, but also for our family.

When you manage a business from home, it’s easy to let phone calls, e-mails and documents

keep you connected, making you feel like you do not have time to take a break or spend time

with your family.

Maybe you’ve noticed that you spend a little more time than you would like in front

of your computer or phone. Maybe you see your children acting, trying to get your


Perhaps you are seeing that this is not the dream of home work you have imagined.

You started with such noble intentions

Below are five ideas to prioritize your life and your business:

1. Be honest – You probably have not started your career at home to climb the “corporate ladder” of your home business. You might have started your business with the best of intentions: being able to stay home with your children, contribute financially to your family, or just have some money to spend. Spend some time in prayer and ask the Lord to show you the things you need to change.

Take a moment and honestly ask yourself how you managed the commitment over time to own a business:

• Are you spending too much time on the phone, on the computer, etc.?
• Do your children spend more time than usual in front of the TV?
• Do you attack your children because of the stress of your business?
• Do you worry about your business – to the point that it distracts you when you are with your family?

2. Create a list – Sit down and write a list of things you see that you would like to change.

This can be a list of things you can do differently to limit the time you spend on your

business; or a list of ways you can “relax” so you can deal with your family.


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