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5 steps to get your priorities directly at home and in the company 2

3. Log in with your time: buy a notebook or create a spreadsheet that you can use to record the time you spend on your business every day. Create a column for each day at the top and a half-hour row increases one side. Whenever you sit at your desk, type “IN” in the box corresponding to the time and day. Whenever you leave your desk (or complete a task), fill in the appropriate box with the word “OUT”.

4. Take a break – If you arrive at the end of the week and your time log has shocked you, it’s time to take a break. If you work normally during the weekend, take a point to take this weekend. Close your e-mail, turn off the ringtone on your phone and close the door of your office. You will be surprised how refreshing it will be.

Use this free time to re-evaluate the way you spend your time. Try to plan when you can work on your business without wasting time with your children. If your children are in school, try to stop working when they get home. If your children are still young, maybe you can limit your work hours to naptime or, if possible, get a grandfather to watch you once or twice a week for a little more work.

5. Schedule an Activity – Now that you’re ready to change your routine, why not schedule an activity once a week? This can be an exit with your child or simply something as simple as setting aside time to make cookies together.

If possible, find another work-at-home mom and keep each other accountable for keeping your new programs. Create a weekly game date in which your children can spend time together: you can talk about business if necessary or decide to make sure you do not talk about “business talk”.

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