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5 lessons that your children will learn by starting an activity

Children must be children and enjoy their children’s time.

But, at the same time, as we age, they must also learn how to make money and work

in our society as responsible adults.

They often get a job at a Burger Joint, where they learn how to listen to a boss and how

to work with others, but then may also have to give up some extracurricular activities,

study time and time with the family. Not terrible things, but rather a challenge that

many families are helping their children start their own business.

Why? Let’s compare the lessons your child is learning by working on a mixture of

verse burgers that start a business.

1. Responsibility.

Burger Joint: Yes, teaches responsibility. You have to show up for work and do a good job or your boss and your colleagues will get angry with you.

Entrepreneur: he also teaches you responsibility. You have to work hard or you will not be paid.

2. The value of one dollar

Burger Joint: learn that time is money.

Entrepreneur: you learn that creativity, ownership of responsibility and hard work are money.

3. How to market

Burger Joint: teaches you how to fill out an application and participate in an interview to advertise. You do it once and then you’re done.

Entrepreneur: you have to market yourself and your business on an ongoing basis if you want to make money.

4. Customer service

Burger Joint: Service with a smile or your boss could scold you.

Entrepreneur: assist with a smile or do not get repeated deals and your income decreases.

5. Bank skills

Burger Joint: Learn how to collect a paycheck and how to deposit it in the bank.

Entrepreneur: Learn how to finance advertising costs, taxes and expenses and weigh them on your profits. You learn how to deposit your income in the bank and write checks to cover the expenses. Learn how the business works.

As you can see, both options have benefits. For which option will you choose? It depends on you and your child.

ما هى VAPULUS ؟

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