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5 keys to unlock the waiting list lock

Being on the waiting list is difficult, and you need the right set of keys to open the

door to your dream schedule.

The truth is that even with these keys, it is still not guaranteed that the block works.

But this keychain has the essential metal pieces you’ll need to turn that lock.
First, a word of introduction: realize that receiving a waiting list letter means that you

are eligible for admission. You pass. You are probably on the waiting list (and not admitted)

because they have already admitted candidates with your profile and want diversity in the class.

Or find your qualifications impressive, but find that someone else is even more.
Now let’s examine that key ring.
Legend 1: Read the letter for any deficiency suggestions in your profile and try to improve that element in your profile.
Key 2: give them more reasons to admit you.

If the school encourages contact, inform them of new results, initiatives, promotions and developments in your life. This suggestion implies the development of a proactive

contact campaign approximately every 2-3 weeks. The exact details vary depending

on the school, the specialty and exactly when they are placed on the waiting list,

but may include letters, further visits to the school, an interview offer, letters of support from others, and occasional phone calls.
The letters should be 1-2 pages. For suggestions on the contents of the letters,

see “Purgatory waiting list”.
Key 3: Reinforce the idea of ​​a mating between you and the school.

Demonstrate how a visit confirmed and deepened your interest in the program.

Show how recent activities reveal that your values ​​and those of the school are a challenge in paradise.
Key 4: enlist your fan club. Look for further letters of recommendation from

supervisors in and out of work and professors (if they apply to an academic program).

Current students and alumni who know you can also write support letters and highlight your correspondence with the program.
Key 5: ask if there is anything you can do to improve your application.

Usually it is not, but if you want to know it and do it. If you’ve already shown

an improvement in that aspect of your profile, let them know how you’ve improved since you applied.
It is much more difficult to wave the flag when the school does not want contact.

But even in these cases, you can be proactive, only more indirect.

If possible, visit the school and take a tour. If you know alumni or faculty members,

ask them to put in a good word for you at school. You can not be held responsible

if your fan club thinks it belongs to School X and wants to inform the admissions committee.

You’ll have to be a little more indirect, but you still want someone to show you fit and be

“new and improved”. For essential information on the waiting list process, read

“Nine mistakes you do not want to do in an MBA waiting list”. “Publishers are available

to help you evaluate your application, advise you on your waiting list strategy and

change the letters on the waiting list For more information, please visit our catalog.

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