5 benefits of using feeds - How feeds can help your Ebiz

5 benefits of using feeds – How feeds can help your Ebiz

What is a feed?

Feeds are a way to share content. When you make material available for your website for posting to other sites, please provide them with a feed. Basically, it is a code that allows them to publish your articles and blogs. There are several types of code: XML, RSS, Atom, etc., but essentially they are just different ways of accessing a feed.

According to internet expert Sydney Johnston, “The beauty of a feed is that everyone wins.” The article writer gains visibility, the reader learns something interesting for them, and the online seller gets an inexhaustible source of relevant content.

What can a feed do for my online business?

Feeds are useful in several ways:

• Eliminate the anti-spam filters. They are 100% opt-in, so readers can subscribe and unsubscribe at will. The feeds are delivered directly to your subscribers, so you do not have to deal with filters that delete you from their inbox.

• Provide free content. One of the best ways to differentiate your site is to provide readers with interesting material – educate them on topics related to the product you are selling. If you sell pre-school toys, you probably do not want to study your child’s development and write a lot of articles on the subject, so find someone else who has already done so and make the feed available to your customers. Constant updating, the applicable topic gives your visitors a reason to keep coming back.

• They can improve search engine rankings. In the past, search engines were not able to read feeds, but now the software is available to translate them into active links that engines can see (see http://CyberWS.com). Search engines love fresh and dynamic content, so feeds are ideal. They provide relevant information that updates automatically.

Not only do your customers get the facts they are looking for, but search engines like your site give them a better position.

• For affiliated marketing experts, they are an alternative to banners. Not only give your customers valuable knowledge, but if they click and buy something, you get credit. And unlike banners, it does not look like you’re putting advertisements or spam.

• They can increase traffic. Whatever you write, you should make it available as a feed. When other sites collect it, it’s free advertising for you: all their traffic is able to click on your site’s feed. So you acquire new potential customers that you otherwise would not have.

Feeds on any topic are easy to find. There is a whole collection of search engines for feeds only, like http://Plazoo.com and http://Feedster.com. Johnston says, “The future of the Internet for entrepreneurs is the feed, if people do not master them, they will stay back, period.”

ما هى VAPULUS ؟

VAPULUS هي وسيلة دفع وتسويق عن طريق الهاتف وأقوى مزوّد حلول مدفوعات في الشرق الأوسط و جنوب افريقيا،

تقوم بتزويد الخدمة لكلا من رواد الأعمال والأفراد واضعين نصب أعيننا توفير

تجربة دفع رائعة للتاجر المصحوبة بمميزات التسويق الرقمي والتحليلات، حيث تتنوع وسائل الدفع الرقمي،

فإن نظام التشغيل يقبل بطاقات الصراف الآلي وبطاقات الإئتمان و المحافظ الرقمية علي حدٍ سواء،

مما يتيح الفرصة لتوفير خدماتنا لفئة الغير متعاملين مع البنوك بحرية.

تطبيق VAPULUS عبر الهاتف يمنح مستخدميه إمكانية الشراء عبر الانترنت والشراء من داخل المحال التجارية

ودفع فواتيرهم بالطريقة المفضلة لديهم من خلال الهاتف أو الجهاز اللوحي أو الحاسب الشخصي.

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