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4 must-have technology for your mobile office

<p> Everything changes when you switch the desktop for a laptop and your office for a hotel room. </ P>
<p> Sometimes this is for the best: you are free from your cubicle and you are free to go where your job takes you. </ P>
<p> But sometimes things change for the worse. Productivity suffers when you are in an unknown place. The way a laptop keyboard drops your hands is sometimes enough to keep you from completing your work. </ P>
<p> Here are four technological “must-haves” for the mobile office, as well as some tools that can increase your productivity while you’re away. </ P>

• <b> The right software </ b>

<p> It’s not just about downloading the necessary applications on your laptop or PDA, but also knowing if the programs are suitable for a mobile office. Is your email program built on the road or adapted from a larger application designed for a corporate network? Do the programs work together on the laptop or get stuck when the processor is busy? </ P>
<p> These considerations can become big problems when you’re traveling. This is something that Tab Stone, a Los Angeles doctor, knows all too well. He installed a new e-mail program on his laptop before leaving on a recent trip, but it was not suitable for mobile use. He had to uninstall it just before take-off, but this disabled his backup email program. This meant that he could not download any messages on his PC. “I could not correct what was damaged with a new download or a copy downloaded from the internet,” Stone recalls. </ P>
<p> <b> The latest: </ b> contact management software programs allow you to integrate data with your PDA, so you can download and synchronize contacts, calendar appointments and notes on your Palm Pilot or Pocket PC . There is also a web version for travelers who lose their laptops or prefer to work from one desktop to their destination. </ P>

<p> <b> What are the perspectives? </ b> seek greater integration between applications for wireless users. Contact managers are already taking on the role of e-mail program, address book and database. The next step is to make it more accessible to people using cell phones or PDAs. </ P>
• <b> Correct hardware </ b>
<p> I’m not talking about owning the new laptop.

I’m talking about hardware created for life on the road. Let’s face it: many of the gadgets that mobile professionals depend on are not meant for travelers.

For example, when the battery of Joachim Martin’s laptop ran out during a recent flight, an available flight attendant offered to charge it in a “secret” outlet at the back of the plane. “The batteries are full”, recalls the software developer.

“But when I got home, they were dead.” The energy source had to be replaced.

Blaming the airline, the battery maker or even the unfortunate business traveler for not knowing better, but this kind of thing often happens.

The telephone plugs do not always fit; nor make power outlets. And many of the gadgets we rely on are hostile travelers, not very practical or both. </ P>

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