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3 million items and counting, Bidville becomes a big business

Since their introduction, online auction sites have made e-history some of the most

popular destinations on the Internet.

From designer clothing to grandma’s jewelry, to cars and even homes, anything imaginable

can be auctioned online.

People who place items for sale on auction sites are attracted by the prospect of building

a business from home without the traffic jams of morning traffic and little capital needed

to get started. Bidders are attracted by exclusive buying opportunities and the ability

to purchase items that are difficult to find anywhere in the world.

Increasingly, buyers and sellers are discovering the exclusive benefits of using emerging

sites rather than industry giants such as eBay. Bidville.com is one of these sites

that is quietly gaining momentum after the ongoing price increases on eBay.

Bidville began in 1999 primarily as a sports card auction site, but began expanding its

merchandising base at the end of 2003 to take advantage of the rapidly growing market

opportunities. During 2004, its membership base increased to almost 1 million members

and the number of items listed daily reached 3 million.

In addition, the site now has more than 600 “windows” that sell anything from collectibles to electronics at a fixed price.

Bidville is proposed as the “alternative auction site” because it does not charge listing fees.

Rather, sellers pay the so-called “final success rates” after the sale of their items.

These fees, no more than 5% of the sale price, are lower than those charged by other sites.

So what is the key to Bidville’s success? The company is striving to expand its growing

community of loyal members and make it a policy to give them personalized attention.

While most auction sites answer questions with an automated response, Bidville has

customer service representatives who answer all questions within 24 hours.

In its large community section, there are ample opportunities for member interaction

through the Member to Member Help Desk, the Bidville Cafe, where members can share

stories and make friends, and the Seller Forum, where members can discuss of successful

sales advice and offer suggestions for site improvements.

A special charity section allows non-profit organizations to use Bidville to raise money

for good causes.

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