A Gateway to Supercharge Your Growth
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A Gateway to Supercharge Your Growth

Vapulus is the quickest way to make secure in-store , in app and online payments anywhere in the world. Free and simple to use— just pay or transfer money instantly with a single username.
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Are you a business owner?

Vapulus offers a brand-new way to process payments, offer discounts, and build customer loyalty— all at the same time within a single app. We have new age payment gateway solutions for businesses, both online and in-store!
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Make Secure Online Payments Without a Password

All you need is a Vapulus username to instantly pay your way. Store all your cards and accounts in one easy-to-use place— and you’ll be ready to make free secure payments online and in-store.
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Simplify Your Life— Pay All Your Bills with One App.

Save time by paying your bills with Vapulus. Store all your accounts in one place then pay online with your smartphone or a computer. It’s fast and easy!
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Transfer Funds with Friends & Family— All Over the World.

Send or receive money in any currency. All you need is a Vapulus username. We’re 100% secure using only the highest levels of encryption to protect every transaction you make.
Global Money Transfer

Make In-Store and Online Payments a Breeze

Don’t give online shoppers a chance to leave an abandoned cart on your site. Vapulus gives you a quick and easy way to finish the sale. We also offer POS solutions that better connect you with in-store shoppers— and all they need to pay at your checkout is the Vapulus app and a username!
Online Business

Give Your Customers Discounts and Offers

Precisely target ideal shoppers by creating tailored discounts and offers within the Vapulus console. You’ll have another way to build loyalty and repeat business for your store. And you’ll also have a new way to instantly connect with your customers by their demographic or spending habits!

Grow Business in the Age of Smartphone

Vapulus offers a secure and fast way to process payments and build loyalty for your store— all in the palm of your customer’s hand. We welcome you to this new age of payment solutions— where you’ll be able to target nearby customers with local offers and discounts, leading them right to your doorstep!